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Welcome to my webpage! Take a look around and learn about mye, Emma Aguilar, along with my junior year of highschool at St. Croix Falls. Click on "Give Love, Get love"
   I don’t like to broadcast how much I can relate to a spilled pencil case in a crowded hallway, but I decided to share it with you to get a good look at me: Emma Louise Aguilar. Though I have the best intentions, and I’m quite organized, things easily slip from my mind, as well as my hands. My mother like to compare me to a tornado, but rest be sure I’m always there to clean up the mess. I am a Junior at St. Croix Falls High School, and it’s not that I don’t try, I do I try really hard to be focused, aware, and do my best, but my mind loves to wander, and over think. I think about stories I could be writing, places to visit, and things that make me laugh. The things that brings me so much joy in life is to help people. I know from experience how hard life can get, so something that makes me feel good is to make someone’s life just a little easier. I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a non-judgmental area, with parents, and people that support any decision I’m passionate about, and if somebody’s life is missing a supportive person, a friendly face, or word of encouragement, sign me up. What really sparked my passion for helping people was joining SOS, a peer counseling group the highschool offered. Click here to take a look at our SOS website!

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