Joey D Alewine

Welcome to my Portfolio

Hi welcome to my page. Here you will see my home page, semester 1 page, semester 2 page and a page on artic cat. Also, there is a link for you to email me if you choose to. I chose the Arctic cat sight as my external link because If I like arctic cat and that is the sight I order gear and parts from.

Hi. I am Joey. In my free time I like to hunt,fish and run derby tractors or cars. My hobbies are hanging with friends,building things like derby cars or lawnmowers. I have one brother that is 18 years old. My brother and I live with my grandpa because my mom didn't want to take care of us. I live in the town of Cushing, Wisconsin. I am 16 years old and soon to be 17 on February 6th.

"I am blessed to be a welder God guides my hands".

"If at first you dont succeed. back up, slam the break, throw it in drive, hold on, and try it again".

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