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Welcome to my Webpage

"Take your bow and quiver full of arrows and go out into the open country to hunt some wild game for me" ~ Genesis 27:3

Welcome to my bio. page below you can leartn aliitle about me if you use click on some of the links above you can learn some of the stuff I learned in semester 1 and 2.

I will start by introducing you to myself I am Josh Alewine I live with my grandpa and my brother in a small town of Cushing. I love to be outdoors in my free time whether that is spent working, hunting, or fishing. I love to compete in ice fishing tournaments; I also love to compete in bow shooting leagues in the summer. Some academic goals I have is to pass all of my classes with no last minute. Getting your grades up before the semester.

This picture is about one of my summer hobbies. My grandpa finally pased down the traditon to me at the age of 13. Before then I was stuck helping my grandpa build and rebuild cars

The picture of the right is a picture of us catching salmon. We take this trip yearly to algoma we take 3 days off of school so we can go catch salmon. Here is a link to the fishing report.

"I would rather sit in the tree stand all day then sit in a desk all day" ~Unknown

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