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I can and I me!           I can and I me!          I can and I me!

Hello and welcome to my webpage. My name is cory and on this site you will see that there are links to my other pages that show my progress through my junior year. It will range from posters to essays to videos. Click on links to explore and read about my whole life and how I got here down below. Thank you for visiting ad feel free to leave comments about how I did on the site or simply ask me questions by clicking on my "email me" link.

The picture to the right is a picture from my good years. As a child I loved suits just as much as I do today. I was born in wyoming minnesota, and grew up in the lindstrom taylors falls and st. croix falls areas. I was a troublesome child. I was born wearing a suit and a wide eyed expression on my face. I was a naturally curious child always causing mischeif. I loved to explore and study. when I first learned to crawl I was given the nickname boy danger in honor of all the trouble i got into. The first thing I did when I could crawl was see how high I could climb. I crawled over to the table and pulled myself up the wooden chairs and onto the table. Then I suppose I wanted to test how bouncy I was and I leapt. Luckily for me my father turned the corner at the time I jumped and dove across the kitchen to catch me just before hitting the floor. At age two I was given my first injury once again from curiousity. I was running down the halls to see how fast I could go but I tripped and fell biting a hole straight through my lip. As time went on I learned the difference between a good idea and a bad idea; however, I never lost my sense of curiousity. I would test the limits of my teachers, parents, and everyone else associated with me. I began running away from my teachers in preschool, but sadly my little legs couldn't carry me fast enough. I had to become more creative in my method of running away so I would purposely break a toy and give it to my teacher to fix. While they were distracted with the toy I snuck out the door quietly without them noticing. I made it two floors down and out the door before anyone noticed I was missing. Because of my success I decided to reward myself by getting out the recess toys and playing with them. I never really learned my lesson in preschool because my teachers were very biased of me and favored me so they weren't harsh. That was because I had four preschool teachers. My grandma, my mom, my neighbor, and a great family friend. In kindegarten my teacher was much more creative in keeping me in class. She knew that I had a creative mind and didn't deal well with sitting still for very long so she gave me activities. Every day after class we played jump rope and the person with the most jumps got a piece of candy. The active part was fun, but it didn't allow me to be creative and I started growing restless. My teacher (Mrs. Hopkins) saw this and one day she told me to stay inside from recess. I was hesitant, but I was a little intruiged because I hadn't done anything wrong. She brought me to the corner and held out a bucket. inside were several blocks, and she pointed over to a counter with several more buckets filled with blocks and she said "build something". I built and built spending all my recesses on building and everyday I came to school excited to continue my project until finally I finshed and when I had finsihed my teacher kept everyone in to see my creation. I had built a bowling alley. the students were so exciteed to use my great creation. it had traps and blocks and at the end it had pins that I created using paper. The students were given the choice to go out to recess every day or stay in to use the bowling alley, and all of the students chose to stay in to use MY bowling alley. I was so happy and I felt so special. Those were the good years.

It has been said several times by myself and others that knew me that my elementary school years were somewhat less than good years. Going into first grade I already had my firast fight under my belt and at the time I was proud of it. It was one of my childhood bullies and one day he pushed me to far. I'm not going to make excuses for my actions in elementary; however, I will say that at the time I was going through a lot and I only knew how to express that through anger. It was in first grade that my parents began fighting uncontrollably. Every night I would wake up screaming and it got so bad that my parents had to rush in to calm me down. I never got a good nights sleep from all the nightmares. There would be awful creatures or people that would kill me or chase me and no matter what I did I couldn't wake up. Often times my dream would be about someone draging me away and me calling for help, but my parents were to busy arguing so they couldn't hear me. During the day I expressed how I felt with anger. I didn't want to be treated differently I wanted to be treated like everyone else, but I always got babied or bullied. I broke a kids arm and I knocked some kids teeth out. I also fought off four people at once and won sending them all home for the day and I didn't have a scrath on me. I wasn't as small as I was in preschool so I could outrun my teachers and hop the fence. Due to all this trouble I was getting into I was told I needed to express my feelings another way so for the first time I focused my smarts on math and my strength on wrestling. This worked out well and I didn't have an incident for the rest of the school year; however wrestling isn't year round so in second grade I had nothing to focus my strength on. So I would get into fights when it wasn't wrestling season. This resulted in msny hours of detention and lost class time. Due to that I was put into a program before school that helped me keep up in classes. My academic side was hurting. This lifestyle continued through second grade and in third gade I simply stopped going to the class I just struggled in school. This continued through fourth grade, but in fourth grade I went through painful change. My family moved school districts. This was difficult because my brain doesn't deal well with change in fact I panicked. At first I refused to help pack and move and when the move took place I didn't unpack anything other than necessities. I refused to cheer my new school on in sports and I was determined to make it as hard as possible for the teachers. I found myself getting several tickets as the school called them which I honestly didn't care about. I was use to detentions and tickets were practically harmless in comparison. This was definitely a rough part of my life and one I'd rather not remember; however, there were some perks to moving schools. Although I hated the district and didn't wanna except it I got a pet chicken from mrs. fox my fourth grade teacher which made me happy because whenever I went home I got to let my chicken out of the cage and play with it. I also was extremely surprised when a couple students were excited to play with me at recess. It made me feel good because I was used to students not wanting me around. Of course that changed very shortly because I was still a violent kid and started lots of fights so I lost those friends. I didn't want to be the same person I was before so in order to prevent fights during recess I stayed in the library and I worked on organizing it. I organized the entirety of our library 3 and a half times as a fourth grader. I knew the layout of the library inside and out. Due to this I took a large innterest in books and I even joined a book club. I read all I could which helped me flourish acedemically even if I still wasn't very sociable. From fifth grade to sixth grade I don't have a lot of memories. I only remember what i was told and some major highlights of those years, but that is because in seventh grade I was hit in the head several times and given what the doctors called a traumatic brain injury. It left me very confused and I lost a lot of my school smarts and my strength. I had forgotten most of my childhood, but memories slowly started coming back and still come back today although from what I'm told I'm glad I forgot the most "awkward" part of my life.

This is me much more recently I'm a junior in highschool and I am a completely different person from my childhood. I regained everything from my concussion except for my muscle. I know I have the capability to do so, but I have no desire because I'm not an angry person anymore. I gained everything, but my personality changed tremendously. I'm extremely sociable and I like to think I'm smart even if my grades don't always show it. Job opportunities began opening up as I aged. My first job was at a bank at age twelve and from then on I worked in a factory, babysat, worked at fast food resturaunts, hunted gophers, tutored, and lots of volunteer work all over the place. I try to get involved in as many activities as I can to expand my knowledge and experience. I've participated in cross country, D.I., wrestling, tutoring middle schoolers, student council, I'm the bands drum major, class president, and announcing at basketball games. every single one of those experiences shaped me into who I am. And my dream is to one day become an actuary. I live with my dad and two sisters. I have a girlfriend of over a year and I love spending time with her step dad and brothers decorating for the holidays or playing games. Although I had a bad past I am making the most of my present and enjoying life. I work at dairy queen and tutor in my spare time. I haveworked hard to become who I am now and will continue to do so, so that I have a good future with good people.

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