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Welcome to my webpage!
This page gives an overview of what type of person I am up to this point in my life.
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"It's good to know where you come from.
It makes you what you are today.
It's DNA, it's in your blood.
-Alexander McQueen

   In the small town of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin on March 20, 2002, snow was flying through the air and inside the hospital, a baby girl was born at 11:46 pm. This little girl was none other than Hope Marinda Anderson, the next in the long line of the Anderson family. Little did this town know how much she would be involved in this community and hope to make an impact on the little community that would change her life. Her life being none other than my own.

   There has never been a time in my life when I was not actively involved in some activity. The most important aspect of my life is family. I am the daughter of Todd and Becky (Elden) Anderson, an older sister to Trey (12), and somehow related to more people than I can count in the St. Croix Falls community. My family has always taught me the importance of having a strong faith and being as involved as possible. I am currently involved in football and wrestling as a manager, helping with various youth athletics, various clubs including clowns, students offering support, and student council, and I was recently crowned Miss St. Croix Falls. Besides all these activities, I always try to set time aside for family and friends, especially my mini me, Molly Kelly. She is a four-year-old little girl who makes my entire world brighter. My brother and all his friends also bring me so much joy and entertainment. These young kids have so much potential and I can not wait to see them thrive in the years to come.

   After this chapter of my life is complete at St. Croix Falls High School, I plan to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison to further my education and football managing career. During my college years, I am hoping to be able to come back to St. Croix Falls as much as I can to see my brother and the next batch of St. Croix Falls athletes thrive. I would love to later become an athletic trainer, elementary teacher, or have a career perhaps as a sports psychologist or analyzing sports statistics. No matter what I do, I hope to come back to St. Croix Falls to continue the Anderson legacy.

"First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. And finally, dare."
-Walt Disney

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