Semester 2 Units
Who Do I Want to Become?
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Here you will find some projects and assesments from the six units during second semester. Scroll through to see my improvments and what I have learned throughout seminar so far. To see a better view of some of the work I have done, click on the embedded links in my reflections.

UNIT SEVEN: Am I More than a Test Score? (Thinking, Intelligence, & Language)

    Starting out semester two, I was frantically trying to stay on top of my school work and extracurricular activities. Semester two falls right in the heart of wrestling season where I am devoting much of my time to whatever the coaches need. The Intelligence Project happened to be due the Friday of Individual State Wrestling. That Wednesday was also the initial day of the ACT. I was trying to be as proactive as possible to reduce my stress. It ended up being that the Intelligence Project took second priority until after state. That Sunday I worked hard to complete the InDesign portion of the project. While I was working, I read through Izzy and I’s entire project and learned so much. My perspectives on different aspects of intelligence, especially emotional intelligence, changed. It allowed me to reflect on how I think the way I do.

    With the focus of semester two being about who I want to become, my next steps include applying to colleges. The College Admissions Essay we were required to write will help me greatly with my application process. I decided to choose the fifth prompt of the Common Application. I had two events that stuck out as my transition from childhood to adulthood. Both circumstances went hand in hand, but do to word space, I could not use both. Because of how important being accepted into the best college is for me, I sought out advice from many individuals on my writing. I wanted my essay to showcase who I am and how I will be an asset to whatever colleges I apply to. My application process will now be a little less stressful.

UNIT EIGHT: An Ounce of Action is Worth a Ton of Theory (Motivation & Emotion/Stress & Health)

    This next unit was initially supposed to be after we took the ACT, when we all would be less stressed and could relax. Due to the snow, the ACT was pushed back till the end of this unit, but none the less, I was still less stressed. For the psychology portion, there was no project besides a test where we related the different concepts to our lives. I particularly enjoyed learning and reflecting on the various theories and concepts related to motivation, stress, and emotion. I was able to learn more about the person I am and how I am motivated to be that person. To see my test responses, click on the image to the right.

    The statistics portion of this unit was focused around the concept of rankings, specifically the rank correlation coefficient. My class had to rank a list of scenarios in what made us the happiest. These scenarios were then placed in five different categories including personal achievement, relationships. recreation, relaxation, and valuable contributions. Through these rankings, I was able to analyze the rankings during the Happiness Project to see if their was any correlation between the males and females of my class. There might not have been much correlation, but I was able to reflect on myself. It became clear that I find happiness from success, helping those around me, and improving relationships. All these things in my life allow me to be the best and happiest version of myself.

UNIT NINE: Kite Runner (Personality Theories/Social Psychology)

    The Career and College Readiness Project was a real eye opener for me. I was able to research two careers and two colleges I have been very interested in lately. I chose an athletic trainer and sport psychologist as my careers and the University of Wisconsin-Madison and La Crosse as my college options. After the research component was completed, I started on my action plan which did not work out as well as I would have hoped. The head football athletic trainer at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a former St. Croix Falls grad. I was planning on job shadowing him, but due to the timing of this project, it was difficult for us to find a time to come down. I am still planning on using this opportunity to get some early experience. This entire project allowed me to reflect on what I want for my life. I have put myself in a place to be as successful as I possibly can be both now and in my future. Throughout my research, the main concept that stood out to me in all my options was that I need to be determined to the best I can be. I am the one who will make or break my success.

    The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseni was a great book to read. My Kite Runner essay was centered around Amir’s journey through classical and operant conditioning. Reflecting on Amir’s journey, allowed me to reflect on my own personal life. I always try to do the right thing to live without regrets, but sometimes I still need to find my “something to be good again,” just as Amir did with Sohrab. Amir’s journey of development continued to give me a sense of hope that me, and even all people, can develop into genuine people even if they have gone through terrible life events.

UNIT TEN: What is Normal? (Psychological Disorders & Treatments)

    The Psych Disorder project opened my mind up more to issues in this world. Mental health issues like depression are very widespread and need to be noticed. I focused my project on depression and learned so much more than I previously knew. For how many people are affected by depression, the stigma should be reduced. Thankfully, more treatments continue to arise and improve to help individuals with depression. Watching various videos about psychotherapy opened my eyes a significant amount. The way clinical psychologists, counselors, and therapists help people though issues with such precision and ease is amazing. I hope that one day I will be able to help someone like they do.

Unit 11: Capstone 2: Action Plan-“What Can I Do to Impact my World?”
Think Globally, Act Locally.

    The Think Global, Act Local project is the one project with both the most work and the most individualism. For my project, I initially chose to base my project off mental health in elementary students. As I was researching, I stumbled upon an article surrounding the benefits surrounding youth sports and activities. My research paper took a new approach on a new topic I was passionate about. Youth sports were prevalent in my life and I now am a volunteer for many of the youth athletic programs in St. Croix Falls. After my research paper, I conducted a survey about the importance of youth sports. I sent my survey out and received almost 300 responses from both the high school and middle school because I communicated with many teachers, adults, and students.

    Last, but certainly not least, the action portion of the project I chose was to make a promotional video for youth sports. Earlier in the school year, I made the highlight video for wrestling and enjoyed working toward a quality product. My goal was to showcase youth athletes rather than myself. I interviewed many athletes, filmed at sporting events and recess, and even chose my brother to narrate the video. I wish I thought of my project idea in the beginning of the year so I could have filmed more sports. This would have allowed for a video less centered around spring/summer sports. I hope to show this video in the middle school or possibly the elementary school to promote the importance of youth sports. This project could potentially result in making more videos for different sports. I would love to influence kids to live their best life and help them find opportunities.

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