Junior Seminar

My name is Jayden Arellano, I am 16 years old and some of the things I like, and my hobbies are Video Gaming, Drawing and or sketching, Movies, Music, and some Anime. When I was young, I pretty much grew up with video games. In a way they shaped how I am, not really for the worse as some would think. The helped me break out of my antisocial and shy shell, though I still don’t talk to others that often in everyday life. That’s mostly due to me not really seeing it as too necessary, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy talking. If some of my classmates may have noticed last year (if you’re even reading this.) I have grown much more vocal and outspoken during my presentations, I even broke past my shyness and stage fright enough to perform in the school Talent Show. A big part of me breaking out of my shy shell was honestly my video games, which yes is strange. But to explain, many video games now a ‘days have online multiplayer. And even more have microphone and headset compatibility built into the functions of consoles and computers. So you are able to meet brand new people and talk from across the globe.

It’s actually quite interesting to hear about so many different aspects of life if you get to know some foreign person enough. As example, one of my current friends (We’ll call him John) Is from Scotland. While John doesn’t have as heavy of an accent as some of his friends, it’s interesting to hear when he talks about Scotland. I don’t really ask things directly, but he will bring things up in conversation. another example (We’ll call this friend Grant) Is an Armenian American, he talks about his father a lot and some of the things he’s done. I’d say it’s kind of crazy, on top of that he is a big fan of System of a Down. He goes to their concerts occasionally and has met Serj numerous occasions at these concerts, 3 or 4 times by the amount he has told me and maybe even more. Again Grant, doesn’t have much of an accent because he was born in America and raised here. But he knows a decent amount of Armenian and when he does speak it he does have a accent, not as much as other Armenians though.

Beyond that, ever since I was about the same age I had loved to draw. I’m probably the best at drawing cool bladed weapons but I’ve been working on expanding into people and other objects. I don’t draw as much in school as I used to, mostly due to needing to focus on my classwork. It was roughly around freshmen year when I was diagnosed with A.D.D, or Attention-Deficit Disorder. It works kind of like ADHD but minus the hyperactivity that most with ADHD have an issue with. Essentially, I have a really hard time to focus. I get distracted by the slightest movements at times or noise. During Freshmen year I had taken a small pill in the morning to help me focus, which really showed in my morning classes. My morning classes had much higher grades than my afternoon classes when the effects would wear off. Over the year though, I started to find ways to help me focused. Things such as listening to music as I worked or simply bouncing my leg on my toes or even just shaking my foot helped me to stay focused. Eventually, as I implemented these things more, I didn’t need the pill anymore. Sophomore and Junior year I have dropped the pill and have been able to focus much more (Especially this year.) In the end I am very proud of myself for getting past this disorder that was screwing up my school life, and even prouder for the great grades (by my standards) I have been getting this year. As for my liking of Anime, I love the stories the shows can tell, there is so much variety from a dark and gritty mystery to a fantastical adventure. It’s much like the variety TV and Movies have in everyday society. An Anime I’m currently watching is an anime called My Hero Academia. To give a brief summary of MHA’s plot, its about students of a normal middle school moving on to join UA. One of the many hero in training academies that allow students to become pro superheroes. Yes, this show has super powers in it (or Quirks as they call them.) I enjoy this show so much due to how energetic and colorful it is. The characters are full of life and have so much variety, you aren’t going to find that many of similar character’s unless they are written that way for a joke.

This show is probably the biggest factor in my art and drawing pursuits and that is going to aid me in the future. And on the topic of my future, I have many dreams I’m thinking of achieving, whether voice acting for animated films or tv shows, playing video games with a career of a streamer or youtuber, making animations and graphic novels myself, or even making music. I am looking forward to pursuing my dreams and finding some way to achieve them, whether big or small.