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"Winning is a byproduct of doing things right"-Chad Morris
"Those that believe in pain shall only receive it"-Will Radinzel

         Welcome, this is my Home Bio page and, on this page, in the passage below I will tell you about my high school journey. There are links up above to my Semester 1 page, my email to contact me, and my hudl profile. If you have any questions, please feel free to use the link above to contact me.
         On December 17th, 2001, greatness was born and the world was not ready to handle it. I was born and raised in St Croix Falls Wisconsin I lived a fairly normal life nothing big really stood out as traumatic or anything, I was and still am pretty privileged. But enough about my childhood letís talk about my high school journey. My freshman year in my eyes was pretty accomplished, I found out what I could do in football and where my place was, I had a fun hockey season, and went to state in discus. The going to state in discus was the highlight of my freshman year I was the youngest person in throwing for division 2, everyone else was a junior or senior. Everyone was telling me that I wouldnít throw what I was in middle school and they were right I threw further.

         My sophomore year was a better year as should be, I started both ways in football and had a pretty good defensive line season, I fought for my spot and filled a hole that we had. My hockey season was decent I got some varsity time not much at all though but had a lot of fun with the kids and the traveling. Then there was my track season which surprised me. We had 4 meets canceled because it was too cold and snowy it put a damper on the season because with the weather it kept us throwers inside only really able to practice shotput. I was throwing inconsistently but became better throughout the season. At regionals Iím throwing bad like I did the year before then I throw a good throw get into the finals and the end up winning it like the previous year that means I move onto sectionals. I was at sectionals and I was warming up to throw but I start getting lightheaded and heat exhausted and felt like I was about to pass out but the meet wasnít going to stop for me so I throw and I make it into finals with my last throw and that throw won me sectionals I was so happy but felt so bad so the trainers come over to me to check me out and told me to stay in the shade and to drink a lot of water. Then I went to state with a chance to get into the finals and I was the youngest one again, I end up choking and placing last. My summer was fun and mostly fishing I say I have spent over 200 dollars on fishing baits equipment and poles, with all of that I was really only able to fish one like because itís the only lake I could cast and not get caught on weeds and that was Sand lake. Sand lake had the only good boat landing to fish at because it was close and was sandy with weed beds out so I could go out in the water and slay the mondo hogs.

         My junior year is just beginning and so far, it has been pretty good I had a good football season, click here to veiw my hudl and see some of the things I did this season. I had an over 20 tackle season as a defensive line and made all-conference and should have got all-conference offensive line also but our team did really bad. We had an 1-7 season which mean we won one game and lost 7 and coaches look at teamís records and go off that more than the player because they donít study every player and just go off of what records are, but nevertheless it was a pretty good season and can't wait for track and next year, they won't know what hit them.