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"No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side." - Unknown

Welcome to my Webpage! Here You will see the projects that have been done for Junior Seminar. On this webpage the journey through junior seminar will be shown. From projects to Essays, Youíll find it here.

I was born in St. Croix Falls, WI at the Regional Medical Center. When I had been only a few months old I had been Diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia , Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. These had caused me to spend a majority of my childhood before school in braces and Physical Therapy. I had grown use to learning what I can and cannot do with these factors in my life. My 7th grade year I was allowed to do sports; I had joined Basketball. My 8th grade year I had also joined Volleyball; When my freshman year in high school had come I decided I was going to Play Volleyball and Softball. When I had begun schooling I had been put in special programs because I had fallen behind. I spent my entirety of schooling behind until my freshman year of high school when I was taken out Special Education.

I had grown up moving from one place to another and switching from school to school. I had grown up in Amery, Luck, Osceola, and St. Croix. When we had finally settled down in St. Croix and I had begun schooling I had realized that I would and had made many friends. I didnít get bullied or made fun of for being different. I was accepted for who I was. My academic levels had begun to rise to the grade they were supposed to be at and I had begun to be happier. Since we moved to St. Croix my reading levels are at the grade mark they should be and I have gotten a better understanding in subjects that I had no clue what to do. I had grown more confident in asking questions and being more social. Iíve slowly been getting more involved in the school more; Iím currently involved in Chamber Singers, Forensics, Drama, Softball, and more. St. Croix has gotten me to grow as a person and be more independent.

Through the journey I have had so far my friends and family have been there by my side every step of the way. I have grown to be ableto trust these people blindly. Especially these past few years. They have helped me through many pains that had been unknown to me before. Some examples of how they had helped me are when my Uncle had been battling colon cancer at the end of my sophmore year. He had passed away later that summer only a couple days after his birthday. Another was when a very close and dear family friend had passed away from injuries caused from an attempt at suicide. My friends and family have helped me move on and heal from both of these wounds. They help me with my homework and school lessons that I don't understand. They help me achieve things that would otherwise be impossible. These important people in my life are what have made my future interesting and enjoyable. They help make me excited for what the future has instore and all the amazing memories to come!

"Life is short, smile while You still have teeth." - Unknown

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