Bainpa21 <title style="color:purple;">Bainpa21

A sister, a duaghter, a step daughter, a friend. All words that have been used to describe who I am. I come from two blended families
having in total four sisters and one brother. I have played softball since the third grade, ran cross country since this year, and have been in band since fith grade playing the clairnet, bass clarinet, and tenor saxaphone. I enjoy spending time with my family and being outdoors despite my terible allergies.
My family is my entire world I would do anything for them and will never give up becuase of them. Coming from divorced families and playing many sports I have become acustomed to change and new surroundings. Challenges come up everyday and I make it my goal to overcome them being stronger than I was when I started. Music helps me through that it speaks to me in a way that words do not some days.