Payden Bainbridge

Welcome To My Webpage Here You Will Learn About My Junior Year In The Seminar

Welcome to my junior year of high school. By clicking the links above you will see my semester units. Along with
that you can learn about how junior year went, what projects I made, who I was as a person, and better yet who I want to become.

About Me

Life is a crazy thing when you break it down. One singular person is born and blessed with a family who loves them unconditionally without even knowing who that child will become in the future. Lucky enough for me I not only have one family I have two with more family members than I can count most days. Coming from a blended family since the age of five has changed my life for the better. Now we are jumping ahead of ourselves though. June 18, 2003 at 3:18am little Payden Alora was born.
bafield Premature but healthy I was welcomed into the world by my Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa. Growing up in my childhood home in Centuria WI with my Mom, Dad, and soon only a year and two months later my little sister Lydia. My younger days were spent enjoying the time with my family playing outdoors, working with Mom while she cut hair from our house while Dad was out truck driving. The years went by me enjoying every moment of them even the bad days I have always had a positive outlook even when I am upset. Well nothing stayed the same for long in our house with two little ones which would soon become three as we welcomed Hadley into our house and more importantly our family. Making our family complete or so we thought.

Sure enough just started school at Unity Elementary my parents divorced leaving me and my two sisters having to move between split homes. Not knowing what was truly going on we adjusted and made the best of everything we had in both homes. Both of my parents are now remarried to two more of my loving parents who accepted me and my sisters as their own children. While having divorced families for some can have its ups and downs I love mine. I gained not only two more loving parents I got the chance to have one more step sister and even a step brother who I love as my own siblings. We loved our little families and try our hardest to this day to make the most of everyday we have with each other. After my Mom found my step dad
chirstmas soon came along my baby sister Bailey the happiest and kindest little girl I know. She taught me to cherish what I have and to always think of others before myself which is a weird thing to learn from an eight-year-old. She adds sunshine to our family and I wouldn’t trade her or any of my siblings for anything in this world. They are all I need to make my days great.

While life continued my seventh-grade year I made the decision to switch schools as my families had recently moved to Saint Croix Falls and Milltown. Eighth Grade year I started my schooling at SCF Middle school. Continuing into high school where I sit here today writing this biography as I realize that my life has changed a lot since those days of sitting in the salon at my house with my Mom while she cut hair. Junior year looking back, I wish I would have embraced the days when I fit on the swing set at my Grandmas or could just sit and play with toys with my cousins who I now only see on Holidays. My life is crazy most days and sometimes a little overwhelming with everything I must do to help my families out, but I wouldn’t exchange this crazy, loving, and caring group of people I call my family for anything in or outside of this world.

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything
they just know how to make the best of everything."-Judith May

Activites And Hobbies

Throughout these past eleven years of school I developed a strong love for sports. Participating on the varsity softball team and varsity cross country team I have learned what it means to be part of a loving team that soon becomes your second family. Being taught the importance of hard work and the will to do what ever it will take to achieve your goal. While also telling myself that pain is only temporary and will be worth it in the end. I am active in band by playing the clarinet, bass clarinet, and the tenor saxophone. I have been been selected for three honors bands and have participated in a variety of solo and ensembles. Music is how I make each day move forward its sometimes the only thing that speaks the write words if you know what I mean. While not in school or playing sports, I love to hunt and fish with my family. We camp all summer long and enjoy hiking or playing games together. I love being with my familyas much as I can and valuing the time I have with them.

new york slide marching band forensices

Values and Motives And What Is To Come

Everyday is another chance to do something great is what I tell myself when I wake up in the morning. A new day that is full of so many opportunities for me to encounter. I value family time and my relationship with God more than anything. I push myself each day to try harder and to become better than I as yesterday and that everything happens for a reason even if that reason may not be known at the time. I love learning new things about life and new ways to create a happier atmosphere everywhere I go by spreading the gift of just a smile can be all it takes.

old house

I may not know what I want to do or who I am going to be in the future which used to bother me, although now I am okay with it. I have a plan somewhere in the future to be the best person I can be. I might not know what I want tot to do after high school just yet, but I most certainly do have many choices. As for college I have been looking into the UMD and WITC which that it’s self proves that I have no ideal plan, so until then I am focusing on learning as most as I can and making the most of everything I have.

"If you want something you have never had
you have to do something you have never done" -Anonymous