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Welcome to my Semester 1 units page, on this page you will find all the topics we had covered in Semester 1.

SEMESTER ONE UNITS: WHO AM I? (Psychology Nature)


In unit one we started off learning and trying to figure out who we are as a person, and find what sets our soul on fire. For me that was realizing what I deserve and what I have to do to achieve my goals in life. For our very first project we did was a poster called "Who am I?" which is presented to my right. In my who am I poster, I wrote about a big lesson I learned that helped me find out who i am and what my purpose in life really is. On the poster the pictures to the righ to the right of ym writing is people who helped me get through life and help me learn my lessons. Unit one really showed me what I should expect out of Junior Smeinar the rest of the semester and school year. A big project we did was the ACT correlation, we put a decent amount of time into this project trying to figure out where everyone stands and oursleves stand in our grade based opn our ACT scores. The ACT project was a big projecct that really influenced our grade and made us realize what we need to get done and what type of scores we need to get to achieve our goals. If you click here it will take you to my personal doumented information on the ACT correlation project.
Int Tech obj #2, English obj #1, Statistics obj #2, C&LS obj. #3

UNIT TWO: To Know Thyself: How Do I Know What I Know? (Principles of Psychology)

Unit two was one of the bigger units weve had so far. We did a lot of research on people and things that had to do with our mind, how it works, and why are mind does what it does. A big project that really reflected on this unit was my schools of psych poster, this poster included a few people that had a few discoveries on the brain, and their thoughts on the brain. If you click here or the image to the right you will be able to access my schools of psych poster. To go along with the brain investigations and digging deeper into how our brains work we did a music memory lab, created by Mrs. Marks. In this lab we tested to see if listening to music while studying will help with memory and help you retain information that you are studying/learning. After sevreal days of analyzing and putting this information into a well thought out laboratory I concluded that music does not help with memory while studying. To see for yourself I will have you proceed further into my lab report by clicking here. Statistics obj. #2, Psych obj. #1

For unit 3-5 it was the units where we took a big hop into learning how to do a lot of the webpage and coding. In my units I explain more of what I persoonally did in those units that would reflect on what I did to prove I know coding and other objectives we learned. At the beginning of unit 3/semester one I had no idea what coding even was, or how to do it; if I look back on coding and making the webpage I could do it all again, but by myself. Ive also grown not just with coding but other topics and projects other teachers had us doing. For exmaple at the beginning oof unit 3/semester one I wasn't very good at putting together the data I had collected and now using the data I collect I can use a varitety of graphs, tables, etc. to show and present my data.

UNIT THREE: Am I a ghost or a machine? (Biological Basis)

Unit three was an important unit, it was one of the big units during semester one that really taught me and the class what goes on in our brain. In this unit we did a project called the brain video project, in this video we had a big responsibitly of making a video that included all of the functions of the brain. Took hours outside of school and lots of brainstorming and trying to imncorparate the ideas of how the brain works and why it works like that into our video. Below you may personally watch my groups brain video, we based our video off of a basic story line a break up. Personally I believe that our group did good but we also could of done better, and put in more time into the project. We worked very well together but had a hard time finding time to video tape with all of our responsibilties outside of school and class time. C&LS obj. #1, Psych obj. #3

UNIT FOUR: Is perception reality? (Sensation and Perception)

In unit 4 we learned alot more on the website. A big part of it was learning how to attach PDF's and videos. When we first started making the website I had no idea what I was doing, I didn't know how to attach anything, or even how to use notepad to insert the texting and wording onto the website. As we got farther along with getting our website set up and farther into the semester, we were able to get the hang of how coding works, how to insert pictures, videos, and other items. A down fall of unit 4 was it was super fast and we had learned alot in such little time; this unit I really didnt show much intrest. Statistics was a big part of unit four, for example my sleep analyis projects (shown above).
Int. Tech. obj. #4,#5

UNIT FIVE: Dream a little Dream (States of Consciousness)

Unit 5 we wrote a juxtaposition, a juxtapostion is about comparing two moments in our life. I wrote my juxatpostions on how my household situations switch dramatically and the kind of affect it had on me and my family. If you click here you will be able to view and my own juxtapositions.
Another big topic we leanred in unit 5 was studying sleep and consciouness. We did a lab study with the class we had to survery and find averages and stadard deviations. This lab study took a little longer than most of the other labs, we took time in class and outside of class to get all the information we needed to get to make sure our sats were accurate. If you click here you will be able to read and go through my sleep analyis paper and see the information we had collected. The sleep analyis was more focused on in this unit, for more information you may look over my unit 4.
English obj. #5, Statistics obj. #1

UNIT SIX: Acting your age, not your shoe size: Does my cognitive maturity match my physical maturity? (Development)

Unit 6 went by super fast, we learned a lot in such little time. Our main topic in unit 6 was talking about the human body and the ways we mature and grow over time, we also learned about differnt types of studies people/scientist do on the human body and mind figuring out why we age and how we age. If you click here you will be able to access my ebook. Personally I feel like I could of done a little bit better on my ebook, it was hard getting everything exactly how I wanted because I just learning how to use indesign; also learning all the tools to make sure the book didnt look so choppy.
Another big project we did to finish up the semester was a deevelopment project; this project included information and things about my childhood to base it along with Eriksons stages of development. If you would like to read a little bit more about me and also about the 8 stages of development you can click here.

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