Ella's Bio Page


Welcome To My Bio Page

Welcome to my bio page. This page includes who I am as a person, my family background, my hobbies and intrests, and some other common facts about my myself. Also you have access to my school projects i'm doing this year by clicking the Semester 1 and Semester 2 below the title. If you want to contact me personally click the email link and send me an email. Hope you enjoy.

More About Myself

It was June 18th, 2001 when my brother and I were born. We were giving the names Donald Anton Berens III, and Ella Francis Bealka Berens, a fun fact about our names is that they are named after somebody in our family. My brotherís name was named after my dad, Donald Anton Berens II, and mine was named after three people altogether, the Ella Francis was my very great, great, grandmothers name, the Bealka is my momís last name while Berens is my dadís last name. I was born at 5 pounds while my brother was born at 2 pounds and 14 ounces and we were almost rushed to another hospital by a helicopter by the siren tornado, but we were cut close and were able to stay where we were.

My Family

To keep it short and sweet: I come from a family of 5, which includes my mother Trudee, my father Donald, my brother Thomas, and my twin brother Donald and I. We live in an old house that used to be the sand lake post office on 110th Ave. in Dresser Wisconsin. Our house has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, a living room, dining room, kitchen, and then the basement with the laundry area.

Interests/Hobbies I Have

I have many interests including the arts, like drawing, painting, sketching, pottery, and in other ways photography. Other known interests are like bowling, fishing, tubing, hiking, and camping. Again, there is a lot more just the list would be too long to count.

Many of my interests impact my life but my main passion that I wish to continue into a career is in arts. I love to sketch a variety of things like animals to abstract objects. I also like to paint or color the sketches that I draw but with cation because usually I canít draw a close replica of it just in case I mess something up with the painting or coloring part of the project. Even if I messed up I would try somehow to make it better and possibly switch the purpose on it all together.

"Studying doesn't suck nearly as much as failling" -Brotipsmb

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extrodinay destiny" -Csuewis