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My name is Bennett Bergmann, and welcome to my webpage! I am a junior at St. Croix Falls highschool. At this site you will be able to see my progress throughout the year in Junior Seminar. If you want to learn more about me scroll down. If you want to check out my semester 1 progress click the button! If you want to check out my semester 2, click that button! If you would like to learn about wrestling click the track wrestling!

“Success is the peace of mind knowing that you've given your all into achieving a goal” - Jordan Burroghs

My name is Bennett Bergmann. My birthday is April 26, 2003 and I am 16 years old. I live in a town outside of St. Croix Falls named Centuria. My family owns a dairy farm there. I lived on that farm for most of my life, but moved a mile down the road from it 3 years ago. Ever since we decided to move in 2017 it has been so much fun. My new house is bigger and way nicer than my old one. I have been the only kid living there, and it has been that way for 2 years now. My brother recently moved back in and I have been less lonesome. I also have 2 older sisters, Erica who is 23 and Bailey who is 26. Bailey also has 2 kids, Owen who is 7, and hudsyn who is 2. My brother Garrett is 20. My life revolves around hunting, sports, and farming. I am in 2 sports, wrestling and football. Wrestling is my favorite sport and also my most successful. In my career I have made it to team state twice, and was an individual state qualifier last year. Farming is also a big part of me. Like I said earlier, I own a dairy farm. At the farm we milk a little over 200 cows. The farm has been growing and growing. My family has always been there for me. No matter what they are always supportive. The thing that motivates me the most is my dad. He is the hardest worker I know. He does everything for my family and would do anything for me. I strive to be like him. My dad's name is Justin and he is 46 and my mothers name is Marnie and she is as well 46. My life is full of surprises. I love my family and the activities I am apart of. In my future I plan on working with agriculture. I love farm work and animals. I also could take over my family's dairy farm. One thing I'm really leaning on is working at the Country Side Co-op. Other things have gone through my head as well as pursuing a college wrestling career. I love to wrestle so college wrestling could be another solution. If I wrestle out of highschool, then I would go to a 4 year and study on something including agriculture. My family is very supportive of what ever I plan on doing. I know they will help me figure out what I want to do in life.

“Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve”- Unknown"

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