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I am Nickolas Betterley

        If someone were to ask me how I’d describe myself, I would respond as follows. I am a reserved, intelligent teenager with some common sense. I am sixteen years old in St.Croix Falls , Wisconsin. I am currently a junior in highschool. As an early kid I moved around a lot but staying in two schools districts. Before attending SCFHS, I was in the North Branch school district. Fourth grade was when I switched over to SCF. I have two brothers and a sister, al very much older than me by nine, eleven, and twelve years. I grew up with both of my brothers through most of my life. As a sixteen year old, I know that life with be hard, and all it takes to push through the rough spots is a little bit of effort and elbow grease. Hard work goes a long way.

                        “Always do your best. What you will plant now, you will harvest later”
                                                                                                        ~Og Mandino
What you do now, will help you in the future. Right, it seems obvious but we sometimes fall victim of temptations. Now, that’s fine, just when it’s balanced. When it's balanced, all things come together seemlessly. And with balance, move on with life

Try to Look at the Bigger Picture!

I feel the best I have, now, than most anytime in my past. Yes, it’s challenging growing up but the added responsibility is okay, it makes you really feel accomplished about what is being done. By what gets done. Much like when a painter finishes a masterpiece, a sense of pride pulsates through his body. Finally being satisfied. We are all making our masterpiece on the canvas of life. I’m just sketching my story along with everyone else.

                        “All flowers grow through dirt”
                                                         ~Laurie Jean Sennott

         A flower grows because it was planted to do so, but it isn’t told to be beautiful. To be beautiful and bold and vibrant are just the flower thriving; and not just surviving. This quote holds meaning, all things go through hardships, but overcoming said hardships is how to thrive. I look at life with the same light. When self-reflecting but as well as dealing with and helping others. In the future I want to Application Developer , I hope to try and make my own app, or if that backfires I would be able to pursue a job within the same career. In the future , I hope I can be kind and caring to everyone I meet, regardless of who they are, and regardless of what I may be like. That would bring me the most joy, and true happiness. Because I dont want to just survive in life, I want to truly thrive through the entire journey.

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