Ella Bobzin


Welcome to my Junior Seminar Webpage!

Here's a little bit about me! Feel free to click the other links below to see my work accomplished during my Junior year!

On a Saturday in June, two hippies named Getta and Erik celebrated Getta’s 24th birthday at the St.Croix Medical Center. Her favorite gift she received was her newborn baby girl. That baby girl is me, Ella Bjork Bobzin and yes, I do have the same birthday as my mother. However, having to be life-long birthday buddies with my mom isn’t the only slightly unique thing about me. I grew up moving home to home, though I have only ever attended Saint Croix Falls School District. The first four years of my life were perfect, I wore little fur coats, had my own boombox, 2 bunnies (I lost them after 2 days), a Dora the Explorer Dreamhouse, basically everything I wanted. Five days after my 4th birthday, my younger and only sibling Heinrich was born. Heinrich kinda ruined my rockstar lifestyle but I learned to move on. At home, I have an 8 year old Red Golden Retriever named D.O.G and a black kitten named Micheal Scarn.

My hyper and wild personality hasn’t changed a bit, though I’m sure some wish it had. My passion for art has driven my lifestyle, especially within the last couple of years. Living in a small town my entire life allowed me to reach out to many other people. Though I enjoy many other things, art is the activity I invest myself in the most. Being so passionate about this hobby, I am planning to pursue it after high school. Art has begun to influence more and more of my decisions and I would like to art to continue to influence me. With the help of my dad, I actually was given the opportunity to sell my art and make album art for some musicians out of Minneapolis. When I’m not creating art, I’m typically skiing, skateboarding, listening to music, or making memories with some of my best friends. Skiing is easily accessible to me simply because I work at Trollhaugen in the winter.

Though my desired destination of my further schooling is undecided, I have two occupations that highly interest me. Becoming a tattoo artist is very appealing to me due to my tendency to want to please and service people. Another possible path I may follow is to create album art for musicians. College is an ideal plan for me, though I would enroll to strictly take business and drawing classes to better my knowledge and to further prepare myself.

ッ Words of Wisdom ッ

"I no longer have a manager, I can't be managed" -Micheal Scott

"Should we watch Meet the Robinsons? Yeah I wanna meet em." -Gwyn Schaffer and AJ Simpkins