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Welcome to my webpage:)

Hey, this is my webpage. I will be telling you about my year in junior seminar. I will also tell you about myself and my hobbies. Up above I have a couple links, the one on the far left will be my semester 1 page. The one to the right of that will be semester 2 , the one next to that will be my Hobby page. Then I have a link to contact be through my email.

If you can park your truck and walk away without looking back then you bought the wrong truck.-anonymous

Hey, My name is Eli. Welcome to my webpage. Somethings about me. I work on a dairy farm, Iím on the St Croix falls high school trap shooting team. I am on the varsity squad. I believe my average last year was like 21/25. Which is pretty good for only doing it for a couple years. I love working on motors. I drive a 1997 Chevrolet k1500. I spend most my time fixing or cleaning my truck. I learn most of the things I know by working on my truck and doing research on what I should do to make it better and what I should stay away from so it doesnít break. I like to browse the internet for aftermarket parts and dream about how nice it would be to be able to buy it. My dad lives out in Rapid City South Dakota. I go out there to visit every summer and he comes to see me every once in a while. I enjoy going fishing but donít get out to the lake too much.

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