Eli Buffington Applied Tech Website


in applied tech we are studying the broad field of communication and digital technology. the purpose of this website it so showcase the projects that i have i have created for each unit of study. under each unit title will be a brief description of the unit and project and links to artifacts that i have created. enjoy!


design process model

The design process involves a series of steps that leads to the creation of a new product or process. This is not imprecisely a liner process. successful design can move back and forth between the six steps. click the links below to check out the three different images of the model.


CADD Unit: Architectural & Mechanical Design

This unit was divided into two CADD sub-units: architectural and Mechanical Design. Click here to learn more about these important methods of communicating ideas to create useful products.

Packaging unit: Container and advertising design

In this unit we are researching and designing package. We came up with a design for a package then we went on key creator and put it all together. we went on Photoshop and made a advertisement and the printed it out and put it all together. Click here to learn more.


Animation Unit