"The world only exists in your eyes. You can make it as big or as small as you want" - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome to my junior seminar webpage! Up above you'll find links to view my semester projects pages or to get in contact with me. On this page you can learn a little about me!

My dad tells me that Margaret means daisy and consequently on the day I was born, these beautiful flowers were in full bloom. Although sunflowers are my favorite, every year my mom picks a bouquet of daisies from our yard for my birthday brunch centerpiece. On June 30th 2001, my parents welcomed me onto the Earth with loving arms. I was their first daughter and second child after my brother Sam, who is one year older than me. I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota and lived in a cozy, green house in a less than cozy neighborhood of the city for the first three months of my life. My parents then decided to move to the Wisconsin countryside, build a house, and raise my brother and me. Despite living in a rural area, I developed a love of the arts from my school and family. From my art postcard collection featured on my bedroom wall to the multiple arts classes I've taken throughout my school years, art has been a cornerstone in my life. Music has also been a significant part as I've been playing piano for 10 years and have been involved with band since middle school. Growing up in Wisconsin, I've also developed a love for different outdoor activites of all seasons and hiking, skiing, and canoeing are among my favorite.

Although I often dream of an exciting urban life abundant with new opportunities and I hope to live in a city at least for a short time after college, I'm extremely grateful for growing up in the country. Not only has living in rural Wisconsin created within me a deep rooted love and appreciation for the natural world, but every day I'm able to view sights that are far and few between for city dwellers. Small things such as walking through the oak and maple forest behind my house, gazing at a billion stars on a clear night, and even driving by the icy blue pond that reflects pink sunrays on my way to school will all be dearly missed when I move away from home. My departure from home is actually quite imminent. This January, during the second semester of my junior year, I will leave St. Croix Falls Wisconsin and move to Conserve School in Northern Wisconsin. Conserve School is an environmentally themed boarding school located in Land O Lakes Wisconsin. I learned about Conserve School from my camp counselor one year ago and instantly fell in love with the idea of not only going to a school entirely focused on the environment, but also being surrounded with other teens with the same passion as me. The admission process to apply to Conserve School was similar to applying to college as I had to write an essay, submit my transcripts, send a letter of recommendation, ect. The wait for finding out whether or not I was accepted was a nerve racking experience as I had my heart set on going yet my chance of acceptance was rather low, only 33% acceptance rate for girls at the school. Last December, however, I did receive an acceptance letter and a full $25,000 scholarship to attend Conserve School the 2017-2018 Spring Semester. My excitement to attend Conserve School has only grown since last year and it almost seems unreal that I leave in a couple months.

While studying at Conserve School, I hope to not only create life changing memories, but to also attain a clearer idea of what I want to do with my life. For years, I've loved the natural world but only recently have I developed the motivation to dedicate my career to protecting it. In my future, I definetly hope to attend college and then I'm set on entering a career field involving protecting the environment, possibly environmental law or working for a a non-profit. For now, I hope to enjoy and appreciate my time now in Junior Seminar and the rest of high school!

"I've learned that I still have a lot to learn"- Maya Angelou