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Hello and welcome to my website! Here, you can view my journey as a junior in highschool. By clicking on the Semester 1 link above, you are able to access some of the projects I completed in Junior Seminar for the first half of the school year. The Semester 2 link will give you access to my projects from the second half of the year. Feel free to email me at any time!

"She was one of the rare ones, so effortlessly herself, and the world loved her for it. -Atticus"


My name is Caitlin Carsley; however, my close friends and family simply call me Cait. As a child, I had the pleasure of growing up on the beautiful St. Croix Falls River in the city of Taylors Falls, Minnesota. Now, I mean it in a literal sense when I say I grew up ON the River. My childhood memories are filled with an endless amount of days spent on the glistening water with my entire family. However, when I began grade school, my parents decided to make the move across the river and build a house in the country side of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. Although I just recently moved to Shafer, Minnesota, St. Croix Falls is where I have made the majority of my memories growing up. Looking back on the past, I find it crazy seeing how I have changed and become the person I am at this very moment. I have developed a love for photography, spending time in nature (Interstate Park), and have made irreplaceable friendships. I have learned to cherish a good book and appreciate down time. I have realized that exercise and eating healthy is important to me, but I still can eat a giant cheeseburger and not feel bad about it! I have discovered an itching desire to explore the world and I yearn for the warmth of the Sun's golden rays everyday. I have had mind boggling revelations on how I view life, deciding that every moment matters and I refuse to let them go by without me experiencing great things. However, I also acknowledge all the miserable experiences I have had in my life at this point. They too, have shaped the person I am today. They have taught me to be strong, confident, brave, and independent. It has shown me that I am a unique person and I have so much to offer the world, as it does to me.

"If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet. -Unknown"

Updated 11-7-17