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"Life is a fashion show. The world is your runway" - Marc Jacobs


My name is Jill Jirachaya Chanaharuthai. I was born at Chanthaburi, Thailand on the 22nd of May, 2002. I grew up in a small town where it was full of happiness with the most warmest family in the world, they always support me in everything that I want to be. My mom is my role model of my life. She is an intelligent woman who works hard for her family. She taught me to be an independent girl that can live in the world real strong. I know to help and improve by myself. She sent me to learn English with a native American since 7th grade, rather quickly for a thai kid. When I was young. A little girl who had a wonderful dreams to face the big wide world. Iím a very determined person when I have a passion. I had a grit on my eyes shown to mom that I wanted to be an exchange student. My first step went smoothly, on summer of 2015 I went to Singapore to learn English for two weeks. I spent a good time with them, we went to school, traveled.It was still on my mind. The experience that money cannot buy or the knowledge that I got. I felt so overwhelmed of the good memories. Next years later, I have been Australia for two weeks with a new scene and wonderful city like Melbourne city. though the Australian accent is quite hard for my listen skill but absolutely that I got the knowledged also a fun time as well.


At the present day, my dream came true. Everything was made with my own hands. I am with Rotary Youth Exchange in United State of America for one year. I live with Veldhouse family. They are a great host family and take care me really well like I am their real kid. On Thanksgiving day they will talk me to Florida! My life has turned upside down since Iíve moved to St. Croix falls. A small town, the population of 2,100 people, rural and natural. I often see a deer run crosses the road. At the night I can see the sky. Itís different scene from where I leave, even studying, living, food even the different culture and language, for me itís not hard because I am flexible person who is ready to adapt myself in any situation. I am an independent girl, strong and outgoing. When things are challenging or new to me I try to keep in mind that I can do it. I take risks and dare to try my hardest. I am an open minded person and really enjoy experimenting new things. I study in St. Croix Falls High Schools where students can find knowledge and creativity. My favorite subject is English. My writing skills improved because of my patience that i have when it comes to writing in English. I practice to writing essay almost everyday. I took a chance to grab opportunity. Try to write essay about myself for my Scholarship. I do work hard with that essay for a week. I glad that I did something to be my passion and get busy, makes a goal. Dare to seize every opportunity on your life's journey because of I love to get a new challenge. Grab knowledge as much as I can. I realize on every situation, indeed every moment is of infinite value. I am an open minded person and really enjoy experimenting new things. However, I want to live to the fullest and have lots of fun. I believe ďHappiness is an attitude, we either make ourselves miserable or happy and strong. Itís your choice.Ē Now I am interested in fashion, movies, acting and being a celebrity. My favourite movies are Mamma mia, La La Land and Bohemian Rhapsody. well, I am fan of Queen. The legend of rock song. Being a teenager, I spend my life like there is no tomorrow, I do everything that I want to do. I go all out for life. I am a hypebeast girl who likes to wear matching clothes, street brand, and high end. My hobby is collecting fashion shoes. I am fascinated by fashion of Gucci, Supremenewyork and Louis vuitton. Clickhereto go to their website.


Everyone has dreams. Since I was young I want to be a many thing. An amazing person like movie or importance person of the world, a actress in Hollywood or become a rich woman. But actually I just want to be a good person that happy with my life. My dreams is working job that I love. Travel around the world. Follow the dreams. Spend life like thereís no tomorrow. Making my best day. I want to be a famous girl who leaders of fashion because of I believed that my passion will bring me to success. I want to be a fashionista who is the leader of fashion. I want to make inspiration for people. I believed that clothing has a power to influence a personís confident. Someday, you will see that Iím going to be a important person to help the world better. Although Itís hard to be but I have a goal in my life.

"Life is short take a trip buy the shoes Eat the cake -Andrey Bella"

My favorite place in the world is Melbourne, Australia Credit Picture: Jill