Zack Clark

Zack Clark

Semester 1 webpage

Unit One: Who Am I?

The first unit of the year was a great one to start off with, I say this because we were all new to junior seminar. For the unit we created a poster and it represented a moment in time. This was cool because we got to see what everyone is passionate about or is interested in. We got to learn how to use photoshop which is very important for junior seminar. We also had to take a questionnaire and it told you that you were analysts, diplomats, sentinels, or explores. This was also very interesting because we got to see what categories most people fell under. We then put this data into a 2 way frequency table.

UNIT TWO: To Know Thyself: How Do I Know What I Know?

In the second unit we had to create a poster about a school of psychology. I was very intrigued by the school of behaviorism. We learned how to fully use photoshop. Some struggles I had were how to blend my words with the background on the poster.
Once I learned we got to choose a school of psychology to study, I knew that I wanted to look more into the school of behaviorism. I chose this school because I wanted to know more on how people behave. I struggled with finding a case study and staying on task. I learned that if people have a bad experience with something, that person will try not to get in that situation again.
The synthesis paper was probably the hardest paper I have written so far in Junior year. I struggled with finding evidence and fitting it into my paper. I was really good at using the information I had and making it flow in to my paper.
The Act Correlation project was one of my favorite projects we have done so far this year. It was one of my favorites because I got to see the average act score and see where my score fell into the class average. A challenge was finding the correct graph to put all the data in.Some of the successes were creating a graph of data that shows the similarities and differences.

UNIT THREE: Am I a ghost or a machine?

Unit three was probably the busiest unit out of all the units but also the most fun unit. We had music and memory lab that we had to do for statistics, we also had to a data displays project. We also had a huge project in our brain video.
The Music Memory lablab was a pretty difficult assignment. I struggled finding the measures of center, and then plugging in the data to make a nice table. I was able to ask the people around me and my teacher for help. Some successes were plugging the data into a generator and copying the table into the word document. Finding my figuring hypothesis was very easy, and trying to prove and disprove it was also very easy. The further investigation let me make changes to the lab if I ever did it in the future.
In psychology for unit three we learned about the scientific method. I didn’t know much about it going into the unit. I learned that I needed to repeat the last step of the scientific method and that was a problem for me.
We also had to do a ACT correlation project. This project had us make graphs and interpret the data. I had success making the graphs, I did struggle with interpreting the data and also managing my time.
The brian video was the biggest project so far in Junior seminar. We had to create a video on the parts of the brain, I really liked this project because it allowed us to be creative and it also helped some people to get out of their comfort zone. This project forced us to use our time wisely in the classroom and also outside of school. My favorite part of this project was the two days at the end where everyone shared their videos to the entire grade, I thought that was pretty cool.

UNIT FOUR: Is perception reality?

In psychology for unit four we learned how to find and interpret optical illusions. Personally this unit was interesting in many ways. We watched a video filled with optical illusions, the best optical illusion I saw in the video was when the man walked from one end of the room to the other and it seemed like he was getting bigger but in reality the room was slanted. I learned that things may not be what they seem. The hardest part of this unit for me was actually seeing the optical illusion. Overall this unit was a fun and unique unit.

UNIT FIVE: Dream a little Dream

In technology for unit five we learned how to use Adobe InDesign. Our project was to create an online book for our Juxtaposition, we called this our E-Book. I success in terms of finding the images and transporting them into my E-Book. Some troubles I had were organising and making my E-Book look nice and neat, I also had a difficult time making my text easy to read and making it a different color than my background.
In psychology we talked about dreams and why we dream. For our task was to keep a dream journal and write down what we dreamed about. As I was journaling I noticed that my dreams were in somewhat attached to what I did in the past day, I thought was was pretty interesting.I learned that dreams can be totally random but also they can be about what's on your mind.
In english we were taught how to write a Juxtaposition. I had a difficult time finding what I was going to write about and really how to write it correctly. Once I found out what I was going to write about the rest was easy because I wrote from my heart. I wrote about the feeling when I win a wrestling match compared to when I lose a wrestling match.
In statistics we had a sleep analysis project. In this project we had to find, interpret, and compare the mean and standard deviation of all of the data sets. Some successes I had in this project was interpreting the data. A big struggle I had in this project was using my time wisely. Overall the sleep analysis lab was a cool project because we got to see the average sleep our grade gets vs the national average.

UNIT SIX: Acting your age, not your shoe size: Does my cognitive maturity match my physical maturity?

In unit six for psychology we learned about Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial stages of development. I thought this was a cool unit because I could relate the unit to my past and I could also predict what I look like in the future.
In tech we continued to use Adobe Indesign in which it was relatively easy for me because we did InDesign the previous unit. In English I had to write about my personal experiences with the stages of development. Overall I think that Unit six was a great unit to end the semester because we had to put everything we learned from this past semester into this one unit.

Webpage reflection

During the beginning of the semester we were introduced to the webpage.We were also introduced to coding it seemed really hard. At first I struggled at first but then I learned it and everything came together. I am overall thankful that I got to learn how to code because it is a valuable skill to have.