Zack Clark

Zack Clark

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Unit Seven: Am I More Than A Test Score

Unit 7 was the first unit in semester two. In Statistics, we worked on the intelligence project. We learned how to use the empirical rule to calculate what different scores people could get in the Stanford-Binet IQ test. I had success with using the empirical formula. I had a difficult time using my time wisely. In technology, we worked on the intelligence project. We worked on InDesign and photoshop to create a magazine to show our understanding of intelligence. I had success finding the information, I also had a difficult time making the magazine non pixelated and communicating to my partner on what we both wanted the magazine to look like. For the psychology portion of the project we had to work with a partner and my partner was Gavin. We had a difficult time with communication and time management. We eventually overcame those problems by just sitting down with each other and having no distractions and just getting to work. For English, we had to write a college admissions essay. This essay was a hard essay for me to write because I was not used to this type of essay. I had success with writing smoothly and making my point clear throughout the essay. I had a difficult time with my grammar and I also had a hard time writing with imagery.

Intelligence Interactive PDF

Unit Eight: An Ounce Of Action Is Worth A Ton Of Theory

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