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Hello! Welcome to my webpage. Keep scrolling and you will find a bit about my life, hobbies, personality, and future plans. You can click the links above to see my Junior Seminar projects for semester one and two. I hope you enjoy!

Background and Personal Life

I was welcomed into the world on December 16th, 2002, to a lovely family. My mom Lisa, my dad Tom, and both of my older sisters Olvia (who is now 23), and Madison (19). I was also greeted by a beautiful yellow lab named Lucy. Growing up, us girls were very close to one another. Although we have some wildly different personalities, and this creates many, MANY, conflicts, there is no one I love more in this world. I grew up in a tan house with an amazing back yard, where I first learned to love the outdoors. I spent many hours scavenging through the woods, swimming in our large, underground pool, and sneaking green beans out of our family garden. I began my education at Unity School, however, 2 days before my 8th grade year, I made the difficult choice of transitioning to St. Croix Falls, where I am currently a Junior. All throughout my years at Unity, and my current life in SCF, I have made countless friends who I enjoy hanging out with. This is not limited to humans, as Charlie—my old dog—was one of my best friends, truly the greatest! However, dogs are not the only animal I have welcomed into my life, but there has been an array. This includes 15 chickens, 2 holland lop bunnies, numerous beta fish, a couple hamsters, and even a few salamanders I found under a rock.

Hobbies and Activites

The first and probably the most important thing to know about me is that I LOVE the earth. I am currently the vice-president of our school's environmental club, where I have had the opportunity to expand my love to others. I have been to a few climate strikes, where I was able to feel like I was actually making a difference. But participating in activism isn't the only thing I love doing for the earth. I also enjoy hiking, rock climbing, traveling and experiencing new places. Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love seeing all the pretty leaves, the fall smell, and even the colder nights. Another activity I am passionate about is weight lifting. After joining track my 8th grade year, one of the coaches encouraged me to try lifting after school. I was hooked! I currently still lift, and I find it very therapeutic. It allows me to release stress, and frustration in a healthy manner, and I encourage everyone to give it a try! Other after school activities such as student council, culture club, track, and clowns, have allowed me to become a better leader and more responsible. I have always loved working with children, and clowns and lifting has allowed me to do so. I even enjoy babysitting on weekends, although kids can become a little much sometimes:). Another hobby I have grown to love is baking. Throughout the years my skills have really increased! I started off just making cakes for family, or pastries for friends, but after a while I started using my skills to make some money. I made a 40th birthday cake, a 5th birthday cake, and even a graduation cake. It was stressful, but also insanely rewarding to see the happiness I brought to these people.

The earth does not belong to us, we belong to the earth. -Chief Seattle

Values and Motivations

Growing up in a small town like Balsam Lake, or St. Croix Falls, has made it difficult for me to find my sense of place. But one of the biggest things I value is equality for all. Whether it's preaching for women's rights, animal rights, or the rights for people of color, you will never find me shying away from what I believe in. I'm not afraid to stand up for what I think is right, or go against norms. I am passionate about being a voice for the voiceless, and always speaking the truth. I also value family above all. As previously mentioned, my sisters and my mom are so important to me, and they will always come before anything. School is another thing I really value. My mom has always pushed me to be successful and happy in life, and I use my love for money to motivate me to do well in school. I enjoy learning about many different subjects, including math, science, art, and english, but absolutely not history! I have always strived to get the best grades possible, but to also learn the material instead of just memorizing and forgetting. I also value being yourself over being fake. You are you, and that's enough!

My Future Plans

I know that I want to continue my education, hopefully earning a 4 year degree. A degree in what, I do not know. I have also recently decided to join the military—Army National Guard. I have a harder personality, or so I have been told, and I would love to help defend our country. In my future I also want to travel the world and live in as many places as possible! Exploring many cultures, and experiencing as much as I can in one lifetime. I also hope to expand my love for the earth to others, and continue becoming the best version of myself I can be! I hope to find many stray dogs —like Charlie— that I can show love to, along with saving animals from poor farming conditions, or mistreatment.

Where ever you go, go with all your heart. -Confucius

3girls mebus mom1 fair1 lucy1 charlie1 sophie1 lizzy1 madi1 amber1 josey1 me1