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I'm Jordan Cole. A few fact about me. I'm not always what I seem to be like. I'm always happy at school. I'm just a whatever kind of person. Nothing really changes from how I feel all the time. I'm really good at art and I think I'm really good at it too. I spend most of my time reading and writting. I've already writen one story, but it's a fan fiction so I'm not going to publush it. I'm working on another story, but I might end up changing a fe names while I write it. I watch anime a lot, and that's kind of the art style that I do. More of a cartoon anime look. I haven't alway been into these things, I've kind of just grew into them. I originally started living in Cinteria, and went to Unity school. After I finished the 2nd grade in Unity, I moved here to St. Croix Falls. I've met a lot of new people and in the beginging it was all so much for me to handle. The friends I have now, I've had since I've moved here. Honestly, I think about it a lot. If I never moved, would I be completly different, would I still have the same interest as I do now? I really don't know. My mother was really good at art, she went to siren highs school, with my dad. A peice of her art work is still hanging in the school, and this year, I'm leaving my mark on my school just like she did.