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Jordan Cole


This site is for the over all works being completed here in our Junior Seminar course in high school.

I'm Jordan Cole. I was born in January, making me 16-17. The hospital I was born in was actually right here in town, St. Croix Falls. I lived in Michigan for awhile though with my mother until I was about 7 months old. My mother wasn't really around in my life after that when my dad took me to live with him in Siren, Wisconsion. I used to visit my mother on holidays, and special weekend and in the summer up until I turned 7. That's when things got confusing for me, I still remeber it. I didn't get to see my mother or my twin sisters for awhile, I started to question it. I asked dad all the time "Why don't I get to see mom?" He could honestly never tell me why, and still can't. I'm 16 now, and I still haven't seen my mother or sisters. I guess, for sure I have a little brother that she gave birth too after I couldn't see her anymore. My aunt said not too long ago that she was having more kids, another set of twins. Now I have three more younger siblings to add to my family. I don't know them, of course. But that's okay. The total is brought to, 11 siblings. I have a wonderful step mother to take her place and my father. Along with three other (real) siblings that mean everything to me. I may not get along with all of them all the time, but I love them all. My aunt tells me stories all the time about my mother, and that she used to be an artist, and creative like I am. She went to Siren High school. I moved to St. Croix falls when I was going into 3rd grade. My mother did an art peice that's still on the wall there in the high school and that's really cool to me, because I get that same chance this quarter to do so too. I spend most of my time reading, writing, and doing art. I like working with my hands, and it makes me feel good about myself. I just recently cut my hair again, keeping it short with bangs. I have glasses too, but I don't wear them all the time.

"I may be trashy, but it's garbage can, not garbage cannot" ~Oikawa Tooru

"It's gonna be a great year!" ~Kirishima Eijirou