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Welcome to my school Webpage. This page tells you a little about myself. If you click on the buttons on the top of the page you can visit my other pages.

Quote: You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu

About Myself

Hello everyone. My name is Nick. I am 16 years old and love to do anything. The picture to the right is me at homecoming. It's air brush paint. When I showed up for school that day everyone thought it was just a shirt. After explaining a few times, it wasn't a shirt people thought it was really cool. I felt great coming home and telling my mom what a great job she did. She was so happy to hear that her work did a lot for me. I always enjoy hanging with my mom. I love hanging out with my family in general, they are all fun quirky individuals. Family means a lot to me. They are the only people you can really trust. Every year my family and I take a trip out to somewhere. This year we went to California and saw most of the state parks. We were staying near Fresno and drove into the park. During our free days not exploring the park we went around to different restaurant. The picture to the left is me hanging at a restaurant with these amazing burgers. Picture this for me the waitress brings out this 6-inch-tall burger. You have been smelling this thing cook for about 10 minutes now. She sets this thing down the wave of hot cheese and fries drifts up your nose. Your mouth starts watering as you gaze over your food. The bun is slightly burnt and the patty is still sizzling from the grill. There is a little oil coming from the burger as you try to flatten it, so it can fit in your mouth. You take a bite. ... .. as your mouth sends signals to your head you slowly chew. It hits. The cheese mixes with the hot oil to melt it further, at the same time the tomato and the lettuce cool down your mouth with a refreshing taste. The best part is as this is going on you hear a faint crunch. "What is it?" you ask? The delicious taste of bacon. Yes. Bacon. Slightly roasted over the grill. This burger was so good that we went back three more times and I ordered it every time. The taste never faded away.
Quote: You are only as good as your weakest link ~ My Dad

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Updated 11/07/17