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Welcome to my bio webpage I will be telling about my interest and my life goals and what I want to do when I get out of high school.

I was born on April 4, 2001. I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers my parents are not together anymore and on my momís side I have 3 siblings and on my dadís side I have 3 siblings. my interest is hunting, ice fishing, farming, wrestling, football, milking cows, and diesel trucks. My goal for my junior year of wrestling is to make it to state and go undefeated till state and work hard during practice. This year in wrestling season of 2017-2018 we should make it to state as a team. My interest as a hunter all started of by going out with my dad for the very first time and every since then I have been hooked. The picture of me and a buck was from 2016 deer season and I shot that on the opener of deer season and I only seen one side of it and I knew it was a big buck, so I shot it twice and I walked up on the deer and could believe how big it was. My most favorite thing that I could work on and drive is my 1998 dodge 2500 12 valve Cummins she ant the nicest thing on the road but she runs like a champ its my pride and joy I love building truck to the way I want so it not like every other dodge out there. I work on a dairy farm out in Cushing Wisconsin about 5 miles away from my farm we milking roughly about 100 cows in a 12 milkier parlor. And on my dadís farm we have roughly 70-80 beef cows and we run about 400 acers of corn, hay and beans to feed our beef cattle.

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