Breanna. Dietrich

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Born on 2001 July 23 and living in superior for the first four years of my life intell my mom and dad decided to move to saint croix falls. We lived in a small house that seemed to be falling apart but it worked. I lived with my parents until I was ten and then was thrown into four different foster homes intell my grandma decided to take me in. Soon after we started living with our grandma our parents divorced and started new families with different people. They haven't contacted us since but thatís okay because they are happier now. Me and my two brother live in my grandmas house along with my uncle. I also have two sisters, but I never meet them before. Things I do to pass the time are things such as drawing watching anime and playing video games. Sometimes I hang out with our 21 cats and 3 dogs. Our house is big though, so it hard to believe we have that many pets. When I'm at home I prefer to stay in my room and draw or paint every once in awhile Iíll watch tv but otherwise I don't do much at home. Im not a very social person most of the time but every once in awhile I will be. Im very awkward but otherwise I try my best to make friends.