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Welcome to my Webpage

I grew up in a freshly made house made by my family with the help of some other relatives. It was My biological mom and dad, half brother and me living there at first. It only took until I was 2.5 before my dad left the household but I'd say it was for the better. I went off to go through almost the rest of my schooling with the help of my aunt once she moved in shortly after my brother moved out. I was always an indoors kid because I was raised around the only entertainment to be inside with tv and video games. I was incredible at being socially awkward and being around my mom's side of the family wasnít pleasant having to be looked at differently by everyone because I was the only one that was so, different. It hit me around the end of 8th grade to really enjoy the hindsight I could be in really good shape and push my human limits further than I ever thought possible. These days I am always running or doing some sort of calisthenics. In the morning right after I wake up or right before I go to bed, I will always find time to test my mental capacity to make it stronger than it was previously. I know it might sound absurd but when I realize I have no ambition or no motivation to do something, getting after it and doing it with as much passion as possible just excites me. The person I was when I was younger is someone Iíd never recognize to this day. I donít ever look in the mirror and see the person I might have been the day before or a year before. I reflect on each day as it happens, and I look at myself, knowingly with stuck potential that could be ready any moment to use but I never do. Itís a choice that I make unwillingly with low ambition and a lacking view of the future. I have my phases. I wish I didnít, but I really donít have a choice. Then I have my other days where I am almost an unstoppable force to not be reckoned with. I manage to get all my priorities straight and I can get so many things done is the most efficient way possible.

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