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What to Expect -
On my webpage you'll learn a little about me, and will be able to see all the projects that I've completed this school year.

All About Me -
On the evening of March 28, 2003 in the small town of Saint Croix Falls, a baby boy was born. Most babies are born with all their bones intaked, but not me though. I was born upside down, with a broken collar bone. So I guess you could say that life didn't start off well for me. Growing up I was introduced to new friends, and later on the life of being an only child quickly disappeared. I'm the oldest out of all four of my brothers and sister. Later on, I met my two best friends in kindergarten: Caleb Steffen and Austin Peterson. Everyday we would be outside playing with each other. Some days we would pretend to drive dirt bikes, and other days we play in the sandbox. Jumping forward to second grade, my parents bought a puppy named Bear. From that day on, I had a new friend. In second grade I decided to play soccer, which was one of the best decisions I had ever made. No one in my family had really played soccer as a sport. So everything was foreign to all of us. The only sports that my parents played was Baseball, Softball, Football, Basketball. Being a kid, you want to do everything your parent did, and for me that was also playing Baseball, Football, and Basketball. However, as life goes on you start to lose interest in things, and/or you have to choose one sport to play. That sport that I stuck to was soccer. Soccer for me though has helped me meet new friends, and also has opened new doors to finding a brighter future. My Sophmore year I joined the Hudson Soccer association. After season was over with, I attended a college soccer recruiting camp. During this camp, I created a college recruiting page on NCSA. This website has allowed me to play soccer in the future for colleges, and maybe if I'm lucky, play in the MLS.
In the year of 2016 I started High school. High school for me was a turning point in my life. My Freshman year I lost my Grandpa to lung cancer, which was the biggest and only lost that I had ever experienced. The summer after his passing, I got to travel to Canada and do what my Grandpa always wanted me to do, and that was go fishing.


-"Talent without working hard is nothing"-.

-"Don't quite. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion"-