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Welcome to my Page

Welcome to my Webpage that holds all my work for Semester 1 and 2

On May 7 ,2002 I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. After I was born I was placed into a foster home with a foster mother that would take care of me for some time. After about a couple months was happily adopted by a couple from Wisconsin that took me in as one of their own. Once in Wisconsin I found that I really enjoyed being outside and to lead a very active lifestyle and to be on the beach and to go on camping and walking on trails. But I cannot forget that I really liked to go out fishing with my father when I was little. And I would frequent showing up with him on a lake and fishing for hours with him and then swimming after we were done. When I got into school sports I found that I liked to play football a lot. Because I liked to run around with people that I knew and feel like I was part of the team. As for my family I have a brother that is also adopted from Guatemala like me. To go along with him I have 5 dogs that I love very much that have helped me get through some tough times and keep me company when I am home alone at times.My life goals are to go to college graduate and have a good paying the job that I can help support my self and any other people that appear in my life down the road from now in a few years.But in the end I just really want to be able to make a impact in other lives and be able to fel good about of what I have become. Click "here" to go website

It's not whether you get knocked down, it's whether you get up,(Vince Lombardi)

All good things are wild and free,(Henry David Thoreau)

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