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Hello! Welcome to my webpage! In this website you will find information about my personal life. By clicking on the “Semester 1” or “Semester 2” links at the top of the page, you will be able to view my work from each semester.

On the chilly afternoon of December 21st in Minneapolis Minnesota, I, Azalea June Edwards was born. My parents, Amy Pennington and Todd Edwards, have three children, Halden first, then me, and finally Sidrah. Our parents are truly, 100%, the best parents we could have gotten. My mom and dad exposed us to different races, cultures, and people at a very young age. They accepted all our interests even if they knew they were not going to last. We traveled to many places in my life, such as Mount Rushmore , the Boundary Waters, and most recently London and Scotland. They have taught us to accept anyone no matter what they look like or believe in. Both my siblings have played a huge role in my life as well. My younger sister, Sidrah, showed me my goofy side and she allowed me to teach her what I know, even if it is not correct. Halden (Hal) taught me to appreciate nature and all its beauty. He also gave me the strength to fight for what I believe in and it is okay to follow my dreams.

Throughout my life I have had many hobbies and interests. They range from making fairy houses to playing sports. When I was six or seven I was obsessed with all things fairy and mythical. I would go into the woods by my house and make fairy houses out of bark, rocks, and moss. I would leave fruit or vegetables for the fairies to eat. After the fairy fad, I moved on to art. I wanted to be a painter or an illustrator. I realized soon that I needed the talent to succeed in this department. My next interest was acting. I went far with this hobby, I acted in multiple plays at the Festival Theatre including “James and the Giant Peach”, Alice in Wonderland”, and “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever”. I also went to an acting camp all the way in Louisville, Kentucky. At the end of seventh grade, I realized that acting was not for me. The interest I am most passionate about is sports. I started basketball when I was in Kindergarten, volleyball in 4th grade, and track in 5th grade. I have always loved being active and sports gave me a way to express myself in a positive way. With all my sports I enjoy the team aspect and getting to bond with other girls that share the same passion as me. Each sport gives me a specific joy. Track and Field allows me to contribute to a team, but I mostly improve on my own ability. Volleyball allows me to play for something that is larger than myself. Finally, basketball gives me so much happiness. It makes me improve not only myself, but I can also guide my teammates towards success.

When I was younger I knew exactly what I wanted to be, where I wanted to go, and even why I wanted to do it. I wanted to be an elementary school teacher, I wanted to go to UW-Madison, and I wanted to help children and teach them important things about life. In high school, it was brought to my attention that I literally can be anything I want. Everyone told me to do something that involved my interests, as I began to think about what my interests were I figured out a “plan”. I love helping people and watching the process of them grow and learn. Sports are also a huge hobby of mine and I hope to be active throughout my life. Physical therapy seemed like the perfect choice for me. I researched many schools and their physical therapy and health science courses, UW-Milwaukee seemed like the best fit for me. If physical therapy does not work out for me, my second choice is an athletic trainer.

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