Brandy Eisen

Welcome to my Junior Seminar Page! Above you will find links to what I have worked on during the school year and below is a personal biography about me.

"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!" ~Audrey Hepburn~

My name is Brandy Eisen and I've lived in St. Croix Falls all seventeen years of my life. My birthday is September 28th, 2000. I am the youngest of two brothers and one sister. Growing up, I always had my dad and siblings for support. As a child I spent my time doing puzzles and socializing with my friends. I had a great passion for animals as I do today. Today, Cross Country and Track are the sports I participate in. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and spending quality time with my family. When I am hanging out with my friends I capture the moment in my photos. Here's a link where you can view them. Yoga is what I utilize to relieve stress while putting my mind at ease. Traveling is a highlight in my life in which I receive great happiness and a better outlook on life. My philosophy of life is to live in the moment and to not hold back. I work to the best of my ability to have a very successful future after receiving further education after high school. I have many goals for my future, although there are two that stick out the most: to be happy with where I am in life and to be successful. Success to me is defined as waking up every morning with a smile on one's face.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it." ~Peter Drucker~

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Updated on 11/7/2017