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Hello, my name is Shaylin Eley and I like animals but mainly Chickens. I love Chickens. I have two sisters and my parent’s names are Tomi and Erick. I am involved with FFA in school and I also do choir and 4H. Another thing people may not know is that I am a major bookworm and I enjoy writing as well. I also like to do artistic things occasionally. I get lost in my music and it helps me with myself and keeps me concentrated, but it is also the way I express myself. Chances are the song I’m listening to that day will express my moods. One of my favorite phrases is “you must make a choice to make a chance or your life will never change.”Here you will find an assortment of documents and collections throughout the Junior Seminar course. You can find “Who Am I?” project or the Synthesis Essay. It is a way to review on who I was in the beginning of the year versus how I have come to learn more and more to the end of the year.

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