Welcome to my Web Page!

Welcome to my web page, here it will showcase all the projects I've done in Junior Seminar and on this page below you will learn a little more about me.

"Families are the compass that guides us. They are the inspiration to reach great heights, and our comfort when we occasionally falter." - Brad Henry

      My name is Evan Engdahl. I am currently 16 and was born to Sarah and Doug Engdahl on December 9th, 2001, in Saint Croix Falls. I have a sister, Kaylee, who is 19, and just got her high school diploma last year. We also have one cat name Ruby. We used to have three, but unfortunately, we had to put them down. The two were named Max and Sofie, Max had some sort of disorder and he couldnít walk properly. Sofie had issues not using the litter box, we were sick of it and had to put her down. And now were down to Ruby, she has been great so far.

Alright, back to me. I am a junior at Saint Croix Falls High School. I like to play video games, and golf when I can. Other than that there isn't much else I do. I haven't had much fun lately, I'm getting sick of a lot things. The only that keeps me going is my computer and playing games with friends.

Also, I got a job at Walmart working as a stocker. I decided it was the right time to start getting money of my own, so at least when I get to college I have some money of my own to use. And of course to buy anything I want, since my parents don't make that much to have anything extra, I never got much.

Onto my parents, my dad works at Tenere in Dresser, and my mother works at the Amery and Osceola Hospital as a housekeeper. Though sadly, my parents are divorced now. We are still living together because we still need to the sell the house. I donít find the divorce that hard, I figured that it was bound to happen. My parents never show affection to each other, and usually argue a lot. I figure itíll be good change, Iím excited to move. We found a house in Clayton, which is a bit further then our current location, but it was within my mom's budget. I could go to Clayton High School, but I have made it this far in St. Croix Falls, no reason in switching for the last year. Finish with my friends.

My plans for the future have been fluctuating. Though I think I have set my mind on going to Western Technical College for two years and then transfer in to UW La Crosse's Computer Science program. I'm choosing to go to a two year first because it's cheaper and also one you get certain credits of past high school, the bigger college UW LaCrosse will overlook my high school grades and GPA. Since my GPA isn't going to get me into any colleges besides two years I figure it'll be the right choice for me. In the end this is sums up my life in short. I am in no means a successful individual, but I am trying my best. I'm not sure what I can do anymore. I have no motivation to actually move on in classes to strike higher. I just do what little I can do to get by. And now I'm regretting it, since my GPA is really low and odds of getting colleges are good as gone. Though luckily technical colleges exist so I can at least get an Associates Degree.

One last thing is I can talk about some of my relatives. I have a grandma in Virginia, MN. About 2 hours from Duluth. My grandpa had passed away in 2012. He was a great grandpa, but since I was younger back then I donít remember him all that well. Though what I remember of him, was good memories. I have an uncle in Fargo, ND. He recently divorced his wife Kristina. I never really liked her. He and Kristina did have kids, so I have two cousins. Hannah and Cameron. I would talk more about my dadís side, but we never see them that often. He had a lot of brothers, so I canít exactly remember all of them off the top of my head. His mom and dad had both passed away. I donít remember exactly when. I donít have recollection of them, except for a few things like from pictures.

"What a computer is to me is it's the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds." -Steve Jobs

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