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Hello, my name is Boden Enochs and I am currently a junior at Saint Croix Falls Highschool and this is my Bio Page, below you can find my email, also you can find a link to all the work for Semester 1 and all the work for Semester 2 too.

"With hard work and dedication, any goal can be reached" -Matt Vold

Early in the morning on March 19, 2002 I was born right here in the Saint Croix Falls Hospital. I spent most of my early years with my babysitter Sally or with my friends Alex, Calan, and Blake all being born around the same time as me. Currently I enjoy participating in sports while I am undecided on what to do next fall I enjoy partaking in Lifting in the Winter and Track in the Spring. Outside of school one of my favorite hobbies is Bouldering. Bouldering is a type of rock-climbing but, it is done on rocks that are typically less then 30 ft tall and done without ropes, climbing anything taller would technically be considered free-climbing. Luckily Taylors Fallís and Saint Croix Fallís Interstate Parks have some of the best places to climb in the state. When it comes to the future itís like Matt Vold says to me every morning ďAnticipate the future, because weíre going Sicko Mode.Ē I hope to pursue an occupation in the Medical Field although I am not sure which one exactly, Sports Medicine and Anesthesiology are some of my preferences. When it comes to schools the U of Michigan, Michigan State, U of Minnesota, and UW-Madison are my favorites and I would like to visit them all. I hope this allowed you to learn al little about myself and my interests.

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