Landon Fangmeier's web page

Landon Fangmeier's web page

This site is here to show who I am and what I have done. You can click the links shown to go to their respective pages. The paragraphs below will go over parts of my life

I am Landon Fangmeier. The school I go to is the st. Croix falls high school. I was born february 26th 2003. I have two siblings and one dog at my Dads house and one dog and a couple cats at my Moms. This autobiography will go over some of the more notable parts of my life.

In school I had many issues with my behavior. I had trouble controlling my temper and dealing with stress. I think I have had this issue ever since I began school. It got worse over time as I grew. When I was just a little kid I just did not know how to control my emotions and I did not know the consequences. As I got older I realized the impact of what I was doing. As I matured, it got easier to control the outbursts. Though I still feel like people treat me different because of them. Today I have little issue with my behavior. I still have a small issue with stress but it is getting better.

A hobby I have is my love for video games. I have been interested in video games from a pretty young age. When I first started playing I only played one type of game. As time passed I introduced myself to new types of games and trying new ones. It is probably safe to say that video games probably helped shape the person I am today. I'm not saying they are solely responsible, but they must have had some impact.
This link goes to a subreddit of my favorite game right now. reddit / Monster Hunter World

"What is better?
to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"
Paarthurnax, "Skyrim"

"For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

It takes some time to think about what motivates me since I don't often think about what motivates me. But if I had to say what motivates me I would say that my motive is to not make people unhappy. If the thing I have done made someone happy I would count it as a win. Most of the time I just live life casually not really focused on a certain thing, unless there is something cool coming up, but other than that I just go with the flow. But if someone seems unhappy or frustrated, If I can, I will help them.

I do not really have any plans for the future. I know I should have plans for college and stuff like that, but I do not know what I want to do for a living yet and I do not want to waste money, but I do have ideas, like maybe being a teacher or a game designer. I know college costs a lot of money so I do not want to make a mistake, but I also do not know where to start.