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"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts".-Winston Churchill

   Welcome to my wonderful website. This webpage tracks everything I have done my Junior year, 2018-2019. The home page has a little about me. Click on the links above and at the bottom to go to my semester one page. But first scroll down and read about me and look at some pictures of me doing stuff that I love. If you have any questions, click on contact me and you can send me an email.

      I am Derek Ryan Fisk, the son of Doug and Diane Fisk. I have two siblings Kevin and Natalie. I now also have a sister-in-law since Kevin married Tanesia early this year. I was born at the St. Croix Reginal Medical Center in St. Croix Falls. I have lived here my whole life. My family owns Fisk Trucking which has been running strong since 1988. I am a very active person in school, I'm involved in a lot of different clubs and activities. At home I am always doing something. Being a busy person, all stated when I was little, I remember watching my Dad and uncle in the shop working every weekend on various semis. Now that I have gotten older, I have started to help with the trucks whether it be washing, changing tires, or just getting tools for people. My life has always been revolved around the trucks and I think that has helped me be responsible, because I keep up with my schoolwork, get good grades and help in the shop. My true passion is farming, mostly the cow aspect. I have shown cows since I have been 10 years old for 4H.To see when the next time I show Click here. I have also been milking cows and doing other things like that for the same amount of time. That area really interests me, I think a cow is a fascinating animal with all the things she can do. Another big thing I like is how we can breed them, so they look the best and can produce the most milk. One day it would be my dream to have my own dairy herd, and being involved with the trucks, but only time will tell. With showing cows it introduced me to 4-H I was in that for approximately four years. Once I was old enough to, I started to show through FFA. I am very involved in FFA because of that and I have been blessed with many opportunities. I'm also involved in clowns, student council, prom committee, and I'm the vice president of my class. For sports, I am in football, and track. Track is my favorite sport because I like to run, and it brings a calmness to me. In fourth grade I got to be the water boy for football team. That helped me become responsible and mange my time wisely. Through it I learned to like the game of football and it is a close second to track for being my favorite sport. In the winter I can be found on the frozen lakes with the ice fishing team. I ice fish and also like to hunt, especially waterfowl.

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on".-Robert Frost

"To be the Man, you have to beat the Man".-Matt Vold

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