What is this page for?

This page include my second semester proyects in English and Psycology, which are about an essay for college and the different theories and exams about intelligence respectively.

In this website you will fing a Menu with different bottons that are going to take you into diferent pages which are Intelligence Proyect, College Essay and also Email. every image has an hyperlink to the page where I found them, and also there will be Images to go to home page and some other.

English College Essay

Writting an essay for college was the most difficult thing for me, I saw this moment so far and now I'm just like one year and a half to begin that experience. It was difficult not only because english is not my first lenguage, but also because for humans it's too difficult to focus on all the possitive things we have, and I'm not the exception, so writting a whole text about my abilities, achievments and why I want to study at University of Wisconsin - Madison, was a new experience for me, a could't find the words for the specific things I wanted to say, but I tried my bist. there was two things that motivate me to write my test, the first one is that I love writting a lot, and the second one is that i was writting about one of the most important parts of my life.

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Unit 7: Am I more than a test score?

Doing this project was a very good experience for me, I learned so much things reading and doing research, I also had the opportunity to express my ideas about intelligence and the different theories, and also to think about how is education today. It was also a new challenge, because I didn't know much about InDesign and Dreamweaver, but a learn new tools which I can use in future projects. I'm so happy with the final result.

Click here if you want to see my intelligence project


Unit 8: An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

Unit 9: Kite Runner

Unit 10: What is normal?

Unit 11: Capstone 2: Action Plan "What can I do to impact my world?"