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This page include my second semester projects in English and Psychobiology, which are about an essay for college and the different theories and exams about intelligence respectively.

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Unit 7: Am I more than a test score?

English College Essay

Writing an essay for college was the most difficult thing for me, I saw this moment so far and now I'm just like one year and a half to begin that experience. It was difficult not only because English is not my first language, but also because for humans it's too difficult to focus on all the positive things we have, and I'm not the exception, so writing a whole text about my abilities, achievements and why I want to study at University of Wisconsin - Madison, was a new experience for me, a couldn't find the words for the specific things I wanted to say, but I tried my best. there was two things that motivate me to write my test, the first one is that I love writing a lot, and the second one is that i was writing about one of the most important parts of my life.

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Intelligence project



Doing this project was a very good experience for me, I learned so much things reading and doing research, I also had the opportunity to express my ideas about intelligence and the different theories, and also to think about how is education today. It was also a new challenge, because I didn't know much about InDesign and Dreamweaver, but a learn new tools which I can use in future projects. I'm so happy with the final result.

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Unit 8: An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

Video response to stress: The Portrait of a Killer


Stress is today, one of the most common illness, but sometimes it is not treated as what it is. most people is not concuss of that while they are suffering it. Stress can also cause other diseases such as gastritis, migraine, eating disorders, etc, but is very common that people font pay attention to all those signs.

However, sometimes we notice that we are suffering of stress and the most important thing at that moment is start to treat it. There are many treatments for stress such as meditation, some activities for relaxation, like coloring or painting and by doing those easy things is possible to minimize stress effects.

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Happiness Project

What are those things that really make me feel happy? by doing this projects I realized some things that I didn't know about myself, it was not difficult at all for me to choose which activities make me more happy than others, because theres one thing I am a hundred percent sure about myself, The most important thing for me is being happy, and helping people makes me really happy. I discovered that it was not something that I just thought, is something real, I enjoy when I can do something for someone else, make them smile while they are sad, help them with something thy don't understand and even buying or making something for someone else is something that makes me really happy. that's why my ranking was something like this:

1. Valuable Contribution

2. Friendship

3. Personal achievement

4. Relaxation

5. Recreation.

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Unit 9: Kite Runner

Kite Runner Essay

"The Kite Runner" is a great book and it's also a great way to understand the situation in Afghanistan and how it affected many people. While reading this book I really had the possibility to have a connection with the story and feel a little of what the characters did. At the same time this book gave me the possibility to apply some concepts about social psychology such as Self-actualization and in-group - out-group behavior which also helped me to understand many things in the book in a better way.


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Career & College Ready Project

The Career & College Ready project was, I think, the most useful project for me because it gave me the opportunity to think about almost every aspect related to my college life, the decisions I will make and other things that are important to think about before the moment of choosing a career comes.

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Unit 10:

What is normal?

How many times do we think about mental diseases? about how that man that we call "cry" feels? I think it's not that common but we should. Schizophrenia is not something you can just ignore, it's something serious and it's symptoms can develop and carry a person to very dangerous situations. It's true that understanding this kind of illnesses is the psychologist's job but it's useful to understand what does Schizophrenia means, different conditions, symptoms and other facts that help us to understand what's going on in the "crazy" man mind.

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Think Global Research Paper

Sleep deprivation is a problem that's getting even more common nowadays. With technology, work, family and friends some times is difficult to make a balance, give time to everything but also to sleep well. This doesn't mean just lie on your bed and get couple hours of sleep, this means get the time you really need to rest to be healthy not only physically but also mentally. Not sleeping enough can bring many consequences such as obesity, depression, diabetes and other kind of illnesses. We decided to talk about this problem because as teenagers we now that in High School and College lack of sleep is something normal in a daily basis while it shouldn't be.

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Unit 11: Capstone 2: Action Plan "What can I do to impact my world?"

Act Local Survey

Before doing the survey most of the answers we got because we have experienced these situations too; sometimes getting just four to six hours of sleep, being tired the next day, falling asleep in the bus, in our first period class, trying to remember what we have to do or things we just learned a couple days ago, this is something normal for us but it's also something we must pay attention to if we want to have a healthy lifestyle.

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The Final Product

Our video more than just informative also gives students some advice about what they can do when they notice they are not getting enough sleep. Here is where this project becomes something usefulfor the community. We tryied to do something different so we included a couple facts, data, reasons why sleep deprivation affects people and how they can change their habits so they can get what they really need.

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