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Welcome to my Webpage
Welcome to my Webpage for Junior Seminar!

My full name is Madison Marie Gorski, but I go by Maddi. Iím 16 and I have 2 little sisters. Violet is 5, and Ava is 3. I spend lots of time with my little sisters, playing with them, babysitting them, or helping my parents out, my little sisters bring a lot of light into my life. As a younger kid I was obviously an only child for a very long time, so I was really spoiled. From a young age I was interested in horses and my parents never had the land for owning horses, until I was around 7 years old my grandma and grandpa surprised me with my first horse, Winnie. I still have her to this day and she is very special to me because she was the first horse I ever owned. I also have another horse now, Bunko. He is my barrel horse and over the course of 3 years I have taught him how to barrel race, run poles, etc. Horses have changed my life in a positive aspect. Some other things I enjoy doing is dance, and archery. I used to dance at a studio in Lindstrom, MN for 9 years. I stopped dancing there when I was 11 to take my horses more seriously. Then when freshman year came around I contemplated joining dance through the school and I decided I really missed it and even if I didnít have time to dance competitively at a studio I could join the team at school and still compete, just with a team. Archery is something I really enjoy doing too. I shoot bow with my grandpa almost every week either at St Croix Outdoors, or at his house. Every winter I do a shooting league and the last 4 years I have took 3rd or 2nd in the female youth division.