Graidy Guggisberg

Graidy's WebPage

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations".-Unknown

Welcome to my webpage, here is where you can learn about my life.

Approximately 16 years ago, my father Greg and my mother Tammy had a child, and this is

where my story began. Right here in St. Croix Falls Wisconsin. My whole life I have been

raised in a medium sized house with my two parents on the top of a hill in the wide open

pasture looking over the beautiful hill country my family has called home for years. From

the time I was born till my current age right now I have had nothing but memories. Some

have been great, some have been alright, and some have been just plain terrible. From good

times to bad times family, friends, teamates, and coaches have always been there for me.

Since I was just a little youngster I have always enjoyed playing football,wrestling, and

weightlifting. I also love being in the outdoors, and being envolved in hunting and fising

activities and doing these things with my friends. Through these things I have been taught

how to fight for what I want, and most importantly that "nothing is given. Everything is earned" -Lebron James.

Often times people and teachers will tell you to keep your options open for what you're thinking

about doing for an occupation in the future. Currently I work at a place called Small Engine Sales & Service.

Here I work on repairing, servicing, and selling small engine equipment. After high

school I plan on going to a technical type of school where I can further my education

and will hopefully begin my adulthood with a satisfying occupation.