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"Once a dancer, forever a dancer"

My Biography

My name is Raelynn Kay Hanson. I have one brother names Lucas. He is 19 years old, my mother Cheryl and Father Shawn. I was born October 20th 2000 and was born at St. John in Maplewood Minnesota. My life started out in Grandy Minnesota. I lived there until I was about a years old. It was a cool house in the middle of nowhere. The driveway was super long and in the middle of the woods. I can almost remember that house as clear as a day. It was a really nice big house. It had great potential to be an amazing house. This house needed to be fixed up. Thinking it would be a fun project. Fix it up and then sell it. Well that did not go as planned. The downstairs was pretty creep. My brother and I were pretty little at the time but we had our own rooms downstairs. The bathroom was pretty dirty and there was a hole in the door. Of course Luc and I never slept downstairs because we were both scared so we slept in mom and dadís room upstairs. One little room with my whole family in one room it was a big room so it wasn't that bad. This house had a lot of animals in it. We found a a huge raccoon and bats in our garage and huge spiders everywhere. We also had mice a running around the house. It was too much for my parents and unsafe for my us. We finally decided to move to a better house. We moved to North Branch where I live majority of my childhood. It was a blue house with a big neighborhood. A fenced in backyard and my best friend right across the street. When I was only two years old I started dance. I fell in love with dancing. I was in dance until I was seven years old I was dancing with younger teenagers along with a girl named Ella. She was my other best friend. I hung out with her every day. We did go to different schools but that didnít stop us from being inseparable. Her mom would pick me up from school after she picked Ella up and we went back to her house then to dance. I have so many good memories there. Then end of first grade I was told I was moving. It was pretty upsetting but I was little so I didnít think much of it. I moved to Dresser with my grandparents while we built a house near them. My first day of school was nerve racking but I met Anja. She has been my best friend ever since. She got me into horses and has let me ride her horses in shows and at Polk County Fair. I got my own horse Freshman year of high school. Best thing that has ever happened to me. When I first got her she may have been a little too hard headed for me. Which means I was on the ground more than in the saddle. I was teaching her gymkhana and she was teaching me how to be a better rider. Now we are two peas in a pod. Iíve been barrel racing since 7th grade. This year I made it to champ show. That is a huge horseshow at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Which was really cool and an awesome experience.

"People say it's just a horse. That horse is a best friend and a teacher, and one of the best things that has ever happened to me. That horse is my life, my love, and my soulmate. No matter what, it's not just a horse. That horse is apart of me and made me who I am today." -anonymous

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