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Welcome to my webpage! This webpage is all about me, Riley Henk. If you want to learn more about my personal life, a biography is located below. If you click the links above, you will find the projects I created and information I obtained in semesters one and two. If you wish to contact me, a link to my email is also above. Thank you for visiting!

ďLife is either a great adventure or nothing.Ē -Helen Keller

   On December 5th, 2001, I took my very first breath in Stillwater, Minnesota. Originally, I was supposed to be a November baby. However, I stuck it out for my dad, Gabe Henk, who was still deep in the woods hunting deer during late November. My mother, Shanda Henk, decided to name me Riley, after a street name. I have one older brother named Tyler, and he is two and a half years older than I.

   We lived in Star Prairie up until I was about two, and then we moved to where we currently live today, in Amery Wisconsin. My home is technically only 5 acres, but as a child, it felt massive. My brother and I would always explore the thick forest of pine trees that surrounded our yard. We were always barefoot, and always getting into a mess. My hands were constantly covered in sap from climbing trees, and my dishwater blonde hair often caught onto burrs that took hours of work to get out. I went to Big Hugs daycare in Saint Croix Falls, and was always covered in dirt from head to toe by the time my mom picked me up. I was an adventurous little girl, and still am to this day.

   Now, Iím a junior at Saint Croix Falls High School. Iím in volleyball and track and enjoy traveling in the times Iím not playing sports. The ocean is my favorite place to visit. I wake surf on Wisconsin lakes, but I long to learn how to surf in the ocean. It is definitely one of my life goals! I also love the 50ís era and find most of my inspiration from this time. Iím unsure of what profession I want to go into in the future, but, an interior designer is one of my interests. If I did this, Iíd use my personal inspiration and design homes with a 50ís theme. Joanna Gaines is also an inspiration of mine and I would love to do work like she has done. Although I donít know exactly what I want to do yet, I do know
that I want to travel frequently and to as many places as I can.

ďWhatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.Ē -Gemma Troy

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