Welcome to my Semester 2 web page. My name is Megan. I'm not really sure what I am supposed to say here, so welcome: to my awkwardness, and my interpretations of Junior Seminar. Junior Seminar is a hard class if you fall behind, but I think all of the topics that are taught in this class are super important. I wasn't here for the first semester, so my page is starting now at Semester 2. Sit back, relax, and enjoy my page!

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Unit 7: Am I more than a test score?

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Reflection: While doing this project it was somewhat hard for me to do. At first I didn't understand what was expected or how I was going to create this big important project. I put it off for quite some time but as soon as I figured out what I needed to do, it was a breeze. Actually learning about these things and how there are so many different types of intelligence and how they all play into who you are is actually pretty cool. I mainly focused on the social intelligence theory. High school was a rough time for me; it was hard for me to find who I was, where I belonged, and everything that I was capable of without pushing myself to far. High School is the biggest social gathering of your entire life, so why not use the Social Intelligence Theory as an example?

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Reflection: My college essay was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to write. Not because I am a bad writer, but because I knew exactly what I wanted to write about; and once I wrote it, there was no taking it back. My essay was a little more personal than most of the essay examples I had read. I also wanted to make it more personal. I feel as if having that insight from the beginning there is less that needs to be talked about while have a college admissions interview. I took this essay as a chance to let a little piece of myself out, not very much just a sliver. Just to give a taste of where I have been, but also how far I have come and where I am now.


Unit 8: An ounce of worth is a ton of theory. (Motivation & Emotion/Stress & Health)

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Reflection: This was an interesting project for me to do. Looking through all of the impacts on my life that cause stress, how I handle them, and how I personally see myself relating to the movie was insane. The more I thought about it I realized how much I let stress play into my life. I go through the majority of my life stressed about something and that takes a toll on everything. Doing this project has made me realize how much I need to work on making my life less stressful, and better handling my stress.



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Reflection: This project was definitely difficult for me to do as I am very bad at math. It was definitely interesting to look at the data after the math has been done to see that in general males are happier than females. Doing this project made me look at things a little bit closer and think a little bit deeper. Females are more open about their feelings and their thoughts and opinions. I think the fact that females do that is because throughout history females are known to be "weak" and less capable of dealing with every day things; while males are supposed to be strong and not have feelings, or if they do, to not show them. I think that the data that was collected through this project reflected on American society a lot. It reflects the stereotypes, and how certain genders are supposed to deal with things.

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Reflection: Doing this response was difficult for me because I had to explain all of the math that was done during this project. If I could have used the data collected to interpret my understanding on happiness, and American culture and how those two effect each other, I think this project could have been a lot easier for me. For me looking at this project I took more from it on how and why the results came out to what they were than the mathematical factors behind it. I like to think that happiness can't be measured by math and doesn't follow a set equation rather it works differently for each person as each person is an individual.





Unit 9: Kite Runner

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Kite Runner Reflection:

This book is a very eye opening book. At first the book is hard to get into as it is very slow paced. As the book goes on, it begins to pick up pace and it is easier to read. This book is such a good example on how life is in Afghanistan and all the ways it has changed since the 80's. Considering most Americans don't know much about the Afghanistan culture, this book greatly shows the day to day life of Afghan people. Writing this essay brought many different views into my mind that had to do with the psychological points in this story. There are definitely many different psychology ideas that are brought into this book. I found it interesting making connections between the psychology theories that were used in this book and in my life because there were definitely more than I thought. This book was a great example of self-growth and emotional development.


Career and College Readiness Reflection:

The Career and College Readiness Project was definitely one of the most beneficial projects that I have ever done. While doing this project I got a good idea on how to plan my future to best fit me. I already had a pretty good idea on what I wanted to do, but the steps of how I would acquire my desired career were beyond me. With the assistance of my teachers and the handouts and activities provided in class, planning my future doesn't seem so impossible now.


Unit 10: What is Normal?

Reflection: This unit was definitely the most interesting unit that we studied as a class. I believe that this unit was a very eye opening unit for many of the people in the Seminar. Psychological Disorders are a real thing and a very serious thing that need to be taken seriously and now that we have completed this unit I believe that many of the Juniors will now begin to be more aware of the things they say and how they act. The project that we did was confusing at first but after I figured out how to work the programs correctly it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it was a piece of cake once I gathered the information that was needed.


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Unit 11: Capstone 2 Think Globally, Act Locally

From the beginning of this project I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Coming from a person who sits back and observes more than I interact with people, I knew I wanted to do something that would help people feel more connected. I made the focus of my project school climate because many people don't understand how important the school climate is to not only peacefulness but success of students. There are many different aspects of what makes up a school climate and how to better the school climate or keep it afloat; so I made the different aspects into different parts of my project. My paper addressed what a school climate is and what the main issues and best resolutions are when dealing with a school climate. My survey addresses the main point of my essay on how student teacher relationships impact the school climate the most. My survey analysis addresses my concerns and interpretations with the results of the survey. My Act Local Poster addresses what school climate is and ways to be successful in school, and my Act Local Video adresses the worries that many incoming freshmen have about high school, and the best ways for them to be successful as a freshman.

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