Biography Page


Welcome to my webpage,This is where I'll display my total efforts in Junior Seminar this year and track everything I learn, accomplish, and create.

My name is Isiah Kendrick Alan Hoggatt. I am 16 years of age, born on November 29th, 2000 in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. My Mom is a Minnesotan and my dad is a Mississippian, which is basically opposite sides of the country. I have an older sister born in Minnesota like my mom and my brother born in Mississippi like my dad. My siblings are both graduated. Then there is me, the youngest child and the only family member born in Wisconsin; however I do like many of the things they like, such as playing basketball and running track, watching sports, music, and being around people. For me a lot of the time Id watch sports to get through any hard time in my life. It is from my family and our struggles at times in life that I have also based most of my beliefs on. I believe that everyone in the world is equal and if people on Earth treated each other as one then we would get a lot farther. I aspire to make a difference in the world in some shape or form to get us one step farther in evolution. For When Life is Difficult.

     The quote that best describes who I am today is Faith in oneself is the best and safest course-Michelangelo

The quote that best describes what I aspire to be is Out of difficulties grow miracles-Jean de la Bruyere

Through this webpage you will be able to know me through my coursework. For both semesters I will be posting work related to Junior Seminar and sometime further evaluate on each project. You will be able to tell the effort I put into different things and how I generally take on tasks given to me. That is the ultimate purpose that explains the meaning behind the picture of me on the left is, which is in pieces because for me I always try to take different things and put them together to turn it into something I can be proud of. I hope you see that by looking through my website.


Updated 1-16-18