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My name is Carver Hoverman. I am from Wisconsin and go to school at St. Croix Falls High School. Many students at SCF enjoy spending time outdoors. I am one of those students. Much of my life is spent outdoors, whether that be fishing in the summer or ice fishing in the winter. There are also various other hunting seasons that I take part in. I also enjoy recreational activities like snowmobiling, and four-wheeler riding. There are many different types of people in todayís society and they were all shaped to be who they are by events that happened in their lives. A major event in my life that made me the person that I am today is the time I got to shoot my first deer. It was a beautiful evening in November when I started to get discouraged and I started to think that I would never be able to shoot a deer. I thought that until My dad said that there was a buck out in the field that we were hunting over. It was a four-point buck. I got so excited when I saw the beautiful animal that I knew that I would want to hunt for the rest of my life. I put the crosshairs of my scope on the deer and I pulled the trigger. The deer dropped straight to the ground and died right there. I learned that day that not everything was going to come to me instantly. Some things were worth waiting for and it isnít over until the fat lady sings or in this case until shooting hours are over. some of the hunting gear that I get comes from St Croix Outdoors. To go to their website click here.

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Last Updated 11/12/2018