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Hello! Welcome to my webpage for junior seminar. Here you will read and learn about me. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by clicking on the link below.

"Hold The Vision, Trust The Process." -Unknown

April 12th, 2002 was the day I was born in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. I have always lived in Wisconsin. I lived in dresser for the first few years of my life with my mom, brother and dad. When I was about 2 or 3 my father passed. A couple years later my mom found my soon to be step dad. When I was going into pre-school, we moved into our current house in down town St. Croix Falls by the clinic. My family now consists of my mom, Michelle, my brother, Regan, and my step dad, Dale. My brother Regan and I are 4 years apart and he is older than me. He is now a junior in college at UWRF and went to school for journalism. This means he writes about events and even some play by plays in some sports. My mom works at the St. Croix Falls Elementary School and my dad sells cars in the cities and used to be a truck driver since I met him. I have 3 wiener dogs named Addy, Charlotte and Gomez. I only really like Addy and charlotte because they are way cuter than the other one. I also have a very loving and caring grandma that live in Cushing and worked at the school. She was an AID in the Special Education rooms for kids. She worked at the school for 42 years then retired now she is a sub. She along with my mom come to every one of my sports games no matter how far away the game is. With, I love to be active and play sports. Volleyball is my favorite to play and watch. This is the sport I have worked hardest at and the sport I enjoy the most. My favorite volleyball team is the Minnesota Gophers. If you want more information about them and their season click here, and you will see their other school sports, and their game schedule. Watching this team play since middle school has made me want to play collegiately for volleyball. Probably not Division 1, but hopefully Division 3. My family always pushes me to get better and supports me every day. My family has brought me to where I am today, and I donít know where I would be without them. And again feel free to click on contact me at the top of the page if you have any questions about me or my website.

"Work for a cause, NOT Applause. Live life to express, NOT impress. Donít Strive to make you presence noticed, just your absence felt." -Unknown

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