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Welcome to my Webpage :) here you can learn more about me and see what I have to do in my first and second semester of the Junior Year.

For me family is a very big thing. I try to do as much with my family as I can, for example I hang with my family nearly every weekend because my relatives from other cities come to eat cake and drink coffee. Furthermore, I like to hang with my family on Saturdays because I do not see my parents a lot during the week because they are working a lot and I do not see my brother because he is studying in a city, which is 4h away from home. Most of the Holidays he is coming home, and we go on vacation with him and other relatives like my uncle and his family. Skiing is a big deal in my family so when we go on vacation with my uncle we often go skiing in the Alps because my mother and my uncle went skiing till they were little children with my grandparents. The place where we go skiing is called "Dolomites" and it is a very big ski area. The city where we live most of the time is called LaVilla (Stern). On the right picture you can see my brother (right), my cousin (middle) and me (left). I enjoy skiing very much (On the left picture you can see me skiing) and sports at all. In Germany I play basketball for a team called WTV Wesel Basketball , which is the team of our town. The city where I live is called Wesel and the population is about 66000 people. It is an old city, but dont has a lot of old buildings because the city was destroyed 97% in World War 2. I do not wane talk a lot about my city in my Bio, but the image on the right side is the sign of the city Wesel . Also all of this is important to know when you want to understand why I wanted to do an exchange year. The main point is that I like to discover new things and I never did new things because I was very busy with my family and basketball. Furthermore, when we went skiing we always go to the same place because this is tradition for us, so I cannot really discover new things. The exchange year that I make with AFS is a good way to discover a new way of living and new areas od the world and to get to know new people.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, Dont quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'
(Muhammad Ali)

"The most important thing in the world is family and love."
(John Wooden)