"Procrastination makes easy thing hard, hard things harder." -Mason Cooley

Madisen's WebPage

Welcome to my webpage, here you can see some projects I created during semester 1 and semester two by navigating to the different buttons. Here you can learn somethings about my life. My family consists my Mom, Sister, Brother and my Dad. Some of my hobbies are hunting, fishing, shooting trap and golf. Since I was young I learned to hunt and fish with my father and my uncle. I started shooting trap with my uncle when I was 11 or 12. Now I shoot trap on the school team and I also play golf through the school. My favorite type of hunting is probably duck hunting. It is more exciting because you get to shoot all day and you don't have to stay perfectly still or quiet. You can chat with friends and have fun. Hunting and fishing are both very expensive, in order to fund these hobbies I work at a couple different places. I started my first job when I was 14. I began Working at the glorious golden arches. Although I don't plan on staying at Mcdonalds for too long, it is a decent first job and it helps me buy things I need. I also work at NEI which is an electric company right in St.Croix Falls WI. This is where I hope to pursue a career. I haven't worked there for very long only for about three weeks at the end of last summer. I plan on returning as soon as school is out. I want to work there because their college program is very flexible. I would go to college one day a week for 4 or 5 years while recieving on the job training. My favorite subject in school is Ag class or shop class. I like classes that are more hands on and less book work. I am not good with computers so tech class is not exactly my strong suit.