Gavin Johnsons Webpage

Welcome to my junior seminar webpage here you can learn all about what I did this year. You can click the links above to go to my semester 1 and 2 pages or feel free to contact me via email.

If everything seems under control you're not going fast enough.
-Mario Andretti

I was born in april 17 2003. Since then I have moved too many times to count. I have lived all over north western Wisconsin, in Minnesota and also in Maryland. I made these journeys with my two brothers, Gage and Garret, and my little sister Gabriella. I was the second child behind Gage who is now at college in St. Thomas. I currently live in Eureka in the winter and then after school is done in the summer I go and live in Maryland with my moms side of the family. When I am not spending time with family I am usually outside playing sports, or hunting and fishing. I love to bass fish and it is probably my favorite thing to do in my free time. When I’m not hunting and fishing I’m play baseball and basketball. Basketball is probably my favorite probably because I’m 6’3” and height helps a lot. I am unsure where I am going after high school but am planning on going to some sort of college.

Keep your eyes on the stars,
and your feet on the ground
-Theodore Roosevelt