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"If we were meant to stay in one place, we'd have roots instead of feet."
~Rachel Wolchin

Weclome to My Bio Page where you will be able to read my interpretation of my life, and be able to access my semester 1 work as well as my semester 2 work and using the last link you will be able to contact me.

      I lead a realtively average American life; that is not to say I have not had some experiences in my life.   My dad being in and out of jobs, my family was constantly moving around.   Now many people might argue that a child needs an unchanging home; I can not disagree more.   I love to experience new things and moving around helped me to develope skills I might not have otherwise had access to developing.   Moving to Saint Croix Falls was not particularly momentous in my mind; to be perfectly honest I find the town rather boring compared to the big cities I am used to.   As time passes and I come more to terms with the imminent truth; I may not be leaving St. Croix for a long time.   I do not mean to sound ungrateful, but I long for travel and adventure.   I want to wake up in a new place, not knowing what the day will bring.   This is who I am and who I have been since the beginning of my life on October 15th, 2000. I would like to say when I was born it was magical moment; however, I can not. I was an unexpected surprise in my mother's life. When I grew a little my grandparents took me on a trip. I had never been more in love with something in my life. Traveling was exciting, new, an experience. As I continue to grow I have transformed in many ways. The one thing to stay the same is my love for travel; I hope to see many new things, places and people in my future.

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Updated 11-8-2017