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My name is Austin Jones and I am 16 years old. I was born on March 29th, 2003 in St.Croix Falls WI and live in Dresser WI. Some activities and hobbys I do are play soccer, read books, and watch rooster teeth. Rooster teeth is a huge company rooted in Austin, Texas. They make shows play games and have lots of merchandise. Something that motivates me is soccer. Soccer is the biggest part of my life and is something that I strive to get better at every single day. A quote that my dad once told me that I like to use for soccer is, "Life is like a game of card, You may win you may loose, but at least your still in the game."-Shane Jones. What this means to me for soccer is that even though we win and loose games it's not over until we say it's over. Another quote that I like and use for my life is “This car isn't perfect that's a given... But this is how they look when they are actually driven."-Unknown Author. For my future I plan to join the army and join the Infantry for four years and then become a mechanic after that. This cite is an overview of all the major concepts we have gone over my junior year. The stuff that we have gone over in the first half of the year can be found by clicking the sem1 link above. As for the stuff that we went over in the second half of the year can be found in the sem2 link above. If you want to visit the cite that I watch my videos on click on my image or click on My RoosterTeethlink above.